I need help please Lost most of my stuff when server had its lag

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Lost my weapon, 5 auto miner cores, T2 tools and a stack of o2 and some other stuff I forgot about and due to server lag couldn’t respawn within the 25 mins to get my stuff back
Player(s) with issue: [CBM] Red Ranger
Server: NorthA
Time (cb:time): 2:30 6/14 around that time
Playfield: Freelancer starter planet
Structure Name(s): NA
Structure ID(s): NA
How can we help you now: give me T2 tools some fuel cells and the 5 auto miner core

After you died you logged off and logged in 29 minutes later.
I won’t call this server lag!?


Rex- This happened to me also. The respawn Choices did not appear, so i also logged out and in again, but it took over 30 min total. everything was very laggy yesterday. in that time, backpack was gone.

That is insane if this is the case… once the server playfields are loaded it should take that much time.
But I will offer few restorings @_CBM_Red_Ranger

i agree. i died a lot yesterday because of the lag, and i almost gave up playing because of the waiting-time between dying and respawning/sometimes relogging.

RI would add that the respawn choices didn’t appear for me once yesterday. I waited a good 5 min then restarted the game before my BP despawned. I also get stuck at TERRAIN for quite a while loading in. 8 appears to be really heavy.

I have a super machine now, too, 12 cores, 32GB ram and a 1080ti…

I’ve also been seeing extremely long log in times since the wipe. It gets hung up on terrain for 5+ minutes in most cases, even after the first log in.

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