I need help please. Lost ship(

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: My ship is deleted
Player(s) with issue: Davian
Server: Europe
Time (cb:time): 17:00
Playfield: Black Hole
Structure Name(s): concept _03 john
Structure ID(s): 6906856
How can we help you now: egs:buyshipback:6906856))). I want to buy it back, please))


that ship was wiped during the usual Black Hole wipe.
for such wipes there is no buying back.

It is very bad for me. This not mine ship, I take them to help my friends, they lost warp drive in battle. We didn’t have time to fix the warp and fly away. We lost ships. Sorry my english

I’m sorry, totally forgot that we do restore Black Hole wiped structures…

The price would be: 4.5 Million Credits and 4 RP
Let me know if you are ok with the price. Then I restore it in Black Hole again.

I agree with these terms. Thank you.


Thank you