I need help please Lost ship

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: my class 7 CV got auto deleted , genuine mistake as havent doing large CV battles recently ID 5637110 wounder if i could by it back or get it returned or at least get it recycled
Player(s) with issue: Clevlore
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): W21-10-2018
Playfield: Kraytos
Structure Name(s): 5637110 HMS Clevore
Structure ID(s): 5637110
How can we help you now: if you could do one of the abouve would be great there was so much resource put in to that ship

oh… you did not touch it for 17 days so it got deleted a few days ago (its also gone in a few hours from backup)

According to our rule:

it would cost you 172 Million and 7 RP

thats quite something…

Wow 172 mil i don’t have that so i guess i am out of luck

what about custom donation IE CASH

Sorry, but we don’t do that.

Well since this was a mistake and the price is quite high I would offer to reduce it to 10 Mil (according to our old calculation) and 7 RP.

Oh… thank you very much . how do i pay this ?

Ill take it in a minute and restore it now

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