I need help please. My base has disappeared

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What happened:
=> A few days ago, when I logged in on the HWS EU server, I noticed that part of my base on Eden seemed to have disappeared / to be dstroyed / to be invisible. Also I wasn’t able to access the base panel via P button (no core present message) I don’t know what caused it. A few minutes later part of the lost base structure reappeared. When I used the multitool to remove blocks, the rest of the base reappeared with each block I removed. I logged out and logged in and the base was back there again, except for the blocks I had removed. Then, when I logged in again 1-2 days laters the base was gone completely. I have not received any system warning messages prior to that incident.
Player(s) with issue:
=> Pars ( Freelancer)

=> HWS EU server

Time (cb:time):
=> Around midnight on May 9th and finally yesterday May 11th at 02.00 am

=> Eden

Structure Name(s):
=> GOL Headquarters

Structure ID(s):
=> Unfortunately I didn’t write down the structure ID :frowning:

How can we help you now:
=> Any chance that you can you bring the base back please? I have invested a lot of time for collecting the ores/ingots to get it spawned. Beside I had stuff inthe bases cargo boxes. Most important ones are the autominer cores (around 60 if I am remember correctly). If the base can not be brought back, can you please give me at least the resources I put in to spawn it?

Hi, and welcome :slight_smile:

The ID of the base should still be in structure commander if you log in to HWS connect.

Hope it all turns out well for you.

Hello … thank you.
I checked the structure commander, but the base is no longer listed there.


are you in Alliance with KM9?


It belonged to them since 09.05. The base was decored and set to public during that time. But it looks like a bug.

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I restored it for now right before it was decored. Just let me know please about KM9 though.


Hello Jasha,

No, I am not allied with KM9. At least I did not do anything on my part to get in alliance with them (i.e. send or accept and alliance request). Also I did not change the base settings to public. I logged in to HWS Eu server. The base is back and everything seems to be ok.
Thank you very much for your help … it is much appreciated.


thanks for the answer. Yeah I fear it was a bug due to the problems you also encountered.
KM9 just saw the base on public and then took it.

Glad all is back again.

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I just logged in and found my base is gone. It’s was in Triton. Structure commander says it is not deleted. Need it back. It has all my resources. Please.
ID: 281098

CrolyaGamer you need to submit your own ticket mate

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