I need help please, my base is now HWS

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hi HWS admin…
yesterday I built a lot and enlarged the base of our faction, I did not see that I passed class 7,the server has taken possession of the base,can you give it back to the faction? the first thing I will do is make it smaller.
my faction si GSN on alliance. the base is on Alliance HQ planet.
ID base [HWS]GSN - HeadQuarters (BA).


I’ve set it once back to you for free.
Please open the map and check the description why it happened. No faction stuff allowed on the Origin planets.

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hi ,
now i’m online… i try to use my base but tell me that is other factin.
please help me!

It was private set to the last owner - govrom. One of your faction member.
I’ve set it to GSN now but maybe ask your mate also.

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