I need help please my Boxes are empty now

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: I put stuff from one box at base to another in my cv, all away now. Then i moved some Devices from my base to my cv, also away.
Player(s) with issue: Bio286
Server: HWS EU
Time (cb:time): 06.05.18 17:00-now
Playfield: Cryo A1
Structure Name(s): Ballerbude and Springer
Structure ID(s): 20073733 and 20448850
How can we help you now: I dont know exactly what stuff was in the Boxes. My Plants, Booster and some other stuff.


sorry to hear but if you don’t have a video of that process we can’t help here.
Our tool does not save content of structures container.

its ok, but is this bug known? at the same time, i had a bug that my base show me that the remain electricity time are -2 147 483 647 hours and i could not build anything in the constructor.
After the Serverrestart at 17:05 was all fine again, but all i do before (16:45-17:05) was away.

best regards :slight_smile:

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