I need help please. My private sv got deleted

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Write here: My sv called “Israel’s Stash” (A private ship on Homeworld) got deleted. Just yesterday i was using the mobile constructor inside of it for making things. How is it that i didn’t use it? I had to turn the ship on to use the mobile constructor. I don’t get why it was deleted?
Player(s) with issue: Write here It got deleted wrongly
Server: Write here NA
Time (cb:time): Write here Monday 12th March 2018 2302
Playfield: Write here Homeworld Planet
Structure Name(s): Write here Israel’s Stash
Structure ID(s): Write here 30973355
How can we help you now: Write here Give me my Ship Back sense it was being used actively.

didn’t touch for 9 days. I can restore for the fee.

76014 credits and 1 RP

Eleon’s touch mechanic is very literal, you have to touch it to reset the timer.

Getting close enough to use the P menu isn’t enough. You HAVE to actually touch it with your players body. Stand on it or slam your face into it repeatedly.

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Thanks this was kinda more helpful Twich. I guess this means i have to literally get in and out of my ships cockpit without even using it? xD

I was really using that ship to build things and store things. That should count first of all as actively being used. Just going in and out of the cockpit is not the same as using it, or doing anything with it.

If this is the case then Eleon, or, whoever is in charge of this has a big mistake on their hands for multiplayer servers.

If @RexXxuS can clarify what do you mean by touch as bad as the system is at the time? Do i just need to go in and out of the cockpit to count as touched? If you answer clearly this may help many people in the future Rexx.

It doesn’t have to be the cockpit. Standing on or touching any block or device is enough, as long as there is physical contact.

Personally I don’t think they made a mistake with it. It simply works. They might need to add info for the mechanic in the PDA though.

Facts are its a faulty and wrong mechanism for the exact same reasons i stated above. “Touching is not the same as actively using.” Point blank.

For me only that question is important mate.

It is how it is.

You should pay me credits and reputation for my trouble bud. :e

So who do i send the money to @RexXxuS?

Took the fee and restored

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Thank you Sir. :]