I need help please package XL not appearing

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: I donated 4 times for the package XL , still not appearing
Player(s) with issue: Xeno-san
Server: HWS-EU
Time (cb:time): 13-05-2018 sunday 1:45
Playfield: Cryo F1
Structure Name(s): Package XL
Structure ID(s): Package XL
How can we help you now: Just want to get my donation item.

Good Morning,

thanks for your support first of all! Appreciated!
Second we were sleeping — it’s a manual process. I activated them now.
Third I only see three XL donations from you.

Yeah it was 3, thank you and keep the good work :smiley: . I didnt know it was manual, i’m glad to hear there’s no problem!

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