I need help please POI Enemy Spawn



Hello all together,

first i have to say that i am a german guy, so some words i have to translate, im doing my best that i will post my pleasing correct, but maybe a bit not good english. Pls forgive me, if it will happen.

So i started a new Server. After i played a bit i feel to get more ressources and some other things and i was learning on what settings i can do with different settings.

SO my favorite Universe was found after a few testinng of another ones. i took the SK196-System from the Steam workshop with a lot of Playfields and after i was doing the settings to my opinion. For now i have the problem, that POI´s will regenrate, but enemy towers and POI Spawners wont attack/spawn enemies. So the Loot is coming up and you are able to destroy anything and it all will regenerate, but with the boring thing, that you donmt have to fight. Enemy´s around the POIs will spawn, i can fight the patrols going around without any issue, just the ones inside a POI wont.

So for now i know that a little change on anything can do big problems so i want to tell ya, what i have done to set up the server.

  1. Step More Ores, Rich Settings and Regeneration faster. I took the notepad++ and made first a lookout in the data files for finding the setting to change that things. I found out, that “Regen after” Key is important for that and after i checked some files i saw, that the value from all that stuff is simply the same. So for not configure all files handy i took the STRG + F Function to set up like that:

Find Lines: Value: 180 (Asteroid Regen)
Set it up to: Value: 6

Find Lines: Value Value 720 (POI Regen)
Set it up to: Value: 12

After that i still found that this option isnt hours, its minutes, but it was equal for me. Faster Regen is ok too. When Alpha 9 is coming i want to set up new settings anyway. But for now it is ok for me.

Next setting i do, was handy. I look up for all the ressource deposits and set every single Ressource a #rich after. I want that there are never issues with finding ores should be. Its a bit to much i see. Because i also changed the Amount of depos to the 10 times larger amount. So i changed 5 min Depo to 50 and that i hve done with all the stuff i found. Just depo was set up to #shallow or #very poor i wont set up to rich. For testing it out thats anyway ok for that the universe isnt more floated with ressource, my settings is really to much anymore :smiley:

  1. Step I set all the Gameoptions i want to have. I set in gameoptions.yaml that GroundedStructureSpawn: false setting, so that you dont need a Base to fly in Galaxy. I also set the dedicated.yaml to my wishes.

  2. Step I started a Single Player and set again all Values like XPGain to my wihses like Normal, High, Few, Rich and all the things i set up in the Data Files that they are the same value as i set it up.

  3. Loading the Single Player and Exit it after landing. Delete the Player.ply to get a new Player and then go on. I copied all the Saves/MYNAMEGALAXY Stuff with FileZilla onto my server and with a connect to my server all my wishes where true (gg - god damnit, my universe, i was after 12 hours of work on my finish) :smiley:

  4. Step Set uo the config.ecf to my wishes. Set up more solar panels and more capacity of solargenerator. Set up bigger Stack Size of o2 Bottles and restart the server.

I have to say here, im just a little Gamer with no knowledge of any programation or anything like that. All my knowledge i learned myself, so maybe you have the setting issue right now. But i just dont know why i have the Issue no drones attack and no enemy are spawned. And i tested it all over the Galaxy. No POI have any Enemy, every Single Planet have the issue, so i think, the problem was the setting find Value: xx and set it up to: xx thing. But i didnt found any option for “Spawnrate: 6” or anything like that. I hope you guys can help me out what i could do now. I dnt believe its a bug from the game, i think its just my no knowledge and a mistake with doing the settings.
(Edit2: I have to say, on first rading any POI all was looking ok. Enemys was there i still fighted the DroneBase and some other POIs to get first ressources. a Day later the issue with no nemeys was there)

best regards from germany


Edit: I am using the Lite Version of AdminHelper. My Hoster is gportal.de and i only have access via FTP. Thats why i cant use the wipe Option from the Full Verion of EMP…



Hallo Hosch,

Danke für die Nachricht.
Also es geht nur darum, das keine Zirax usw. spawnen oder auch keine “Tiere” außerhalb von POIs?
Und du hast es auch im Singleplayer getestet oder nur im MP?

An sich hast du dir schon gutes Wissen angeeignet :+1:


Hi Rexxus,

die Tiere spawnen, und auch die Patroullien, aber im POI selbst, kommt keine einzige Einheit aus den Spawnern und die Türme schiessen auch nicht. Ich hab dazu nichts gefunden… :frowning:

Hab den Server mittlerweile sogar neu aufgesetzt, jetzt macht das regenerieren der POIs wieder probleme. Ich glaube ich habe irgendwas kaputt gemacht…




Das kann 2 Gründe haben:

  1. Du bist im Creative Modus unterwegs
  2. Du bist im godmode invisible unterwegs

Das kannst du selbst testen, indem du “ents” eingibst, nachdem du auf einer POI gestanden hast.


Hi :slight_smile:
Das Probem ist, dass ich das mit dem Godmode etc bereits ausprobiert habe, aber diesen Bug hatte jeder Spieler, und die haben diesen Mode ja nicht.


Hmm dann wird es immer schwieriger nach zu vollziehen. Die Spawner in POIs funktionieren unabhängig von yaml settings. Die spawnen neue NPCs nach ~2 minuten, wenn alle vorigen gekillt wurden.


Also nun habe ich ein neues Problem. Ich werd noch wahnsinnig… Folgendes steht in der Log Datei:

Couldn’t send RPC function ‘nwsync’

Danach kickt es einen. Das haben alle Spieler. Kennt ihr das Problem?




Hi Dominique,

oh, da werden Erinnerungen wach.
Grundsätzlich ist diese Zeile in der Log Datei harmlos. Wir haben davon reichlich. Nicht immer ist ein kick / disconnect damit verbunden.

Aber damals, als wir davon ca. 5000+ Zeilen hintereinander in Logs hatten, haben die Devs paar settings eingebaut.
Hauptsächlich die “Heartbeat” optionen in der dedicated.yaml.
Hast du die gesetzt?


Ja die habe ich gesetzt

Srv_Port: 8678
Srv_Name: '[GER|PvPvE] Custom Universe | RichOre ’
Srv_Public: ‘true’
EACActive: ‘false’
MaxAllowedSizeClass: ‘50’
AllowedBlueprints: All
HeartbeatServer: 15
TimeoutBootingPfServer: 90
Srv_MaxPlayers: ‘10’
Srv_ReservePlayfields: ‘1’
Srv_Description: “Looking for an Adventure? Right Place!\n\nDiscord https://discord.gg/23w4Scf\n\nHave Fun, be Fair!”
Tel_Enabled: ‘true’
Tel_Pwd: xxxxxxx
Srv_Password: ‘’
DisableSteamFamilySharing: ‘True’
Tel_Port: 8680
SaveDirectory: Saves
GameName: ‘Manex Galaxy’
Mode: Survival
Seed: ‘9578964’
CustomScenario: ‘Default Random’
DecayTime: ‘2’
WipeTime: ‘0’
ProtectTime: ‘48’
MaxStructures: ‘255’
AntiGriefDistance: ‘30’
EnableTrading: GlobalVirtual
DiffEscapePodContent: Hard
DiffPlayerProgression: Normal
DiffAmountOfOre: Rich
DiffNumberOfDeposits: Few
DiffDroneBaseAttack: Hard
DiffDronePresence: Normal
DiffEnemySpawnRate: Normal
DiffAttackStrength: Medium
DiffConstrCraftTime: Normal
DiffBpProdTime: Faster
AntiGriefOresDistance: ‘1’


Sorry für die Verzögerung.
Ja, die settings sehen ok aus. Wobei der untere Teil in die gameoptions.yaml gehört, nicht in die dedicated.yaml.

Nebenbei empfehle ich dringenst EAC zu activieren. Sonst kannst du den “be Fair!” Spruch vergessen.


Hab ich auch in beiden Dateien, doppelt hält besser :slight_smile:
Das EAC hatte ich aus, weil ich mich irgendwie ned connecten konnte. Das hat sich mittlerweile aber geregelt. Auf dem neuen ist an :slight_smile:


Leider ist grad echt viel los bzgl. Alpha 9 + HWS 9.
Wenn es ruhiger wird, kann ich auf deinem server mal vorbei schauen und gucken, was los ist.
Sonst bin ich mehr oder weniger blind.