I need help please . problem with a daily loot

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What happened: Hello, i have a problem with a daily loot. For last 2 days, every time when i was trying to get a loot, after clicking daily loot button, timer reseted on website but ingame window won’t appear.
Player(s) with issue: TIaBaJI
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): last 2 days
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I checked this instance: 25.12.2017 17:17:19.094
What where you doing while pushing the button? you did not move for 10 minutes, have you been playing during that time? Or was your player Iddle.
I could see no error or problems that suggest you did not get anything.

Would be great if you could help us find out what happend.

Hello, before clicking the button i have a game lags. After clicking the button, my game freezes on one of the days. In the next day I was first out of the game, then pressed the button and connect to the server. At that time I had 8 GB of memory, and now 14 GB, the problem disappeared. I got my daily loot in the last 2 days. Thank you, now all is well.

OK, make sure you don#t have lags and don’t do it when not logged in.