I need help please, repair bay won't repair to template

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What happened:
=> I took a couple of hits in pvp and went to my home on freelancer hq, tried to repair to template which was saved approx 500 hours before, filled with materials needed, when i try to repair with out auto it asks for a lock code, I have never put any lock codes in, when i try to repair with auto on, it starts repair but does not take out required materials and does not actually repair the ship and it just keeps restarting after about 5 seconds. It is an altered garage ship, I am using a T2 repair bay

Player(s) with issue:
=> Evil DeaD[CR] |NKSL|NGE/2

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> Sunday Apr 28 2019 8:48

=> Freelancer hq

Structure Name(s):
=> Stoned Canada - base , Slaughterama - ship

Structure ID(s):
=> Stoned canada - 1335524 , Slaughterama - 2844650

How can we help you now:
=> Tell me how to repair to template or why this isn’t working? spent 17 mil on a ship can’t take to space at the moment… or restore/repair my damaged ship…

Two things:

1 - right now, “Auto” setting on the repair console is bugged; don’t use this setting

2 - you said you spent 17 mil on a ship; am I to assume you bought it from the Garage? If so, if the ship contains extra weapons, xeno steel (in an SV), or anything you couldn’t normally build yourself (an ATM on a CV/SV, gravity generator on SV, etc) then you can’t repair those if they are damaged and/or lost.

Unfortunately these expensive garage ships are not really suitable for this type of purpose, and if you take them into PvP you do so at your own risk without possibility of replacement.

Hope this was helpful info. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, its the combat armour on sv miner that was destroyed, so this will not repair to template?

So with the current update which is 9.60 Build 2307, some of what Jigga has said is incorrect. You can repair anything that is under/at weapon limits, blocks (Xeno or Combat on SV), along with the ATM and Gravity Gens. I have lost all of these parts on my Raider, multiple times, and they always repair to template. The only thing you cannot repair, as far as I know, is Overlimit weapons or turrets. (i.e an extra Artillery Turret on HV)

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