I need help please reset new player

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What happened: yesterday Tried to reset player, as i wanted to go through the tutorial bit from the beginning, it did restart but when got to planet, it would not let me have the faction bonus again (did create new faction) also wont let me claim my 2nd skill point for today,
Player(s) with issue: Flash
Server: EU
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to prevent abuse of the reset feature there are some limits.
Skill Points for example can’t be reverted by any means as written in the Guide.
If you collect them 20 days long you can reset them.

I reset the fa:supply for you though.

cheers for the fa:supply reset.
ref skill points i meant, did not reset that, mean claimed my 1st point yesterday, then today clicked on it, it said ok, but when you go into skill tree says only 1 point not 2, or have i misunderstood the system.
I.e. 2nd tier only available after 3 days, spend 1 point on tier one, then need another 2 points for second tier ?

What most people confuse is: Skills do not cost Skill Points. It is just “required” really.

So each day means a new Skill for you.
Maybe you can send me your screenshot of your skill tree?

screen shot as ask

Doing a cb:Reset puts you back to zero skill points, but it does not reset your fa:supply timer (to prevent abuse)

Ok yeah, then you have to wait 20 days to be able to reset that again. Only the first one though. If you collect tomorrow your next skill point you can use that on your new character

ok. hopefully that will work tomorrow, odd tho logged in and got the gold coins.
Thanks for the help
Ace job of the server & site, by the way

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