I need help please - Ship lost

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: loged in to find my beauty missing
Player(s) with issue: Fars3r
Server: HWS eu
Time (cb:time): :confused: idk today (?)
Playfield: Ray
Structure Name(s): !-Droid-!_03_01
Structure ID(s): 15231658
How can we help you now: let me know how it disappeared, preferably I’d like it back!

Are you sure?
Can you check your registry and the map. Its still listed as active.

I can see it in the registry menu, Added a waypoint to its location, but its nothing there(-1361, 413 - ray) used the getshiphere command, when I was close enough, got the message ship moved but saw nothing. I thought it was the classic ship dissapearance bug , where you get to the waypoint and it reappears to its original position, but this time its completly gone.

This fixed it:

yeap I can see it now at that location, thanks!

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