I need help please ships bugged together

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What happened?
=> i was mining ice and there was no enemy ships then a zirak corvete ship was in my ship we were in an x shape and i could not move anywere then a zirak frigete class ship came in and destroyed most all of my ship including all of my cores and all of my storage is gone i can handle the stuff i will get it back no problem didnt spend money on that however i can not get the alien core and advance core back that i spent money on and there is no way the ship would have even damaged my ship i have taken them out time and time again with my ship but i couldnt move or shoot at them if i can just get the cores back i will grind to get the ship back i have help in that way but i was and sill am pretty frustrated

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> Gijoe2002_84

Server? (EU or NA or RE)
=> re

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)

On which Playfield?

Structure Name(s)?
=> i cant get it

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?
=> i cant get it

How can we help you now?
=> replace what was lost

you left important thing out from ticket, like where and when did it happen, and at least name of your ship…i would hope you still know your ships name :slight_smile:

you can usually get ID of your ship from Structure Manager on HWS Connect site

structure name is Formidable stage 2

ship id is 1397183

time was about 14-10 02:00:00

gamma 35951 sector 2

Welcome to HWS @Joey_Markle
sorry to hear but this is happening from time to time because of the massive usage of AI CVs in Reforged Eden, combined with the bugs they bring of course.
Normally in such situation we require a video because we have absolutely no trace or history of what happened to you.

I checked your backup out nevertheless and I only found an Advanced Core in your ship container.
The Alien Core (you bought?) is installed in the ship itself, which you can get with EGS Recycle.

However you wrote that this incident destroyed most all of your ship but if I look at your ship… it’s almost brand new

But ok, you have to decide that.
I find it weird that your interior looks also intact but the items from your cargo are missing.
Too many variables to me to be able to just restore the ship but I gave you the Advanced Core back at least.

Yes i had my fellow player help me get what was left back to base and repaired it took everything i had and his to so i am out the alien core and a ton of resources and hoirs of work because the game glitched look at my ship 5 hours before that it took my three trys to repair it at 3 and a half hours per repair cycle

The alien core was destroyed i put a regular core in it and fuel tanks and a generator to get it back to base the ship was almost complete destroy and all of my storage was wiped out i am not asking for much look at the amount of time i am on the game and i have never requested anything never had an issue at all this is not my fault and there was nothing i could have done to avoid it i understand you see a perfect ship i have spent the last two days repairing it and spending a significant amount of time and resources to do so i dont know if you can see but there is no alien core in the ship

ah I see. In that case we can’t restore any backup in the first place. Only untouched structures can be restored. For the future, what ever happens to your ship, do not touch anything of it. Leave it there, even if it gets blown up to pieces. Do not touch any container either.

Your CV in the screenshot has an Alien Core (NPC Core) installed.

But I see your confusion. Because of the repair bay, you also got a core back as well
Check your Control Panel.

You’re welcome for the Advanced Core. Hopefully your next journey will be better.

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