I need help please - Ships lost/deleted

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What happened:
=> Server reset while I was mining on Pheonix and after relogging, my CV, purchased sv (companion), and cave reward sv are gone. The site shows that Pheonix resets at 5pm daily, but naturally I figured that meant server time.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Azeryen

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 5:00 pm EDT

=> Pheonix

Structure Name(s):
=> Deracinater II, Companion, Cave Miner SV

Structure ID(s):
=> 18918712, 15189395, 18684962

How can we help you now:
=> If possible, I would like to get these items recovered, along with their contents. I would also like to know when Pheonix resets and is what I experienced a glitch, bug, or an intended feature.

I just got to Pheonix for the first time a day or two ago.

Thank you!

Always use CB:time to check the server time, it is anything but your local time zone. Compare the server time to the wipe times (use cb:wipe to see a list of what is wiping and when).

It looks like the playfield wasn’t scheduled to reset for another hour after they last server reset, so it must have been a glitch.

The above site states that it reset at 6:00pm EDT (New York), but I lost my ships at 5:00pm EDT after the server reset.


I see what you mean O.o

That’s a typo in the guide.
I fixed the guide now, but ALWAYS check the wipe times ingame as well. In there they’re correct.

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Thank you dark. I did not think about the fact that there may be a difference, as the times posted within the guide should be correct. Does anyone know if it is possible for me to get my ships back? Most of my resources were spent on or were contained within those ships. I would definitely not quit HWS, but it is upsetting to have lost such an investment of time. Thanks to everyone for your consideration and all that you do.


sorry for the trouble and thx for updating the Guide!
I restored your ships

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