I need help please to get ships back

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

WHAT HAPPENED: Stuck in CSW SAN unable to get in ship (s)
HOW CAN I REPRODUCE THIS: (be stupid like me :frowning:
PLAYER(S) WITH ISSUE: Left a “temp” faction, to join AAA as owner was also in SAN but forgot to first put ships to public first. Now cannot change ships to correct faction or core them as in PvE space…
TIME (cb:time): 20:57
STRUCTURE NAME(S): Munchkin (cv) 1674022 and Munchi (SV) 1674023
STRUCTURE ID(S): Munchkin (cv) 1674022 and Munchi (SV) 1674023

Set you to AAA again…

Thanks! Does it take a while to work? not happened yet…

Its the Ships not me that need to be AAA (just in case I am not clear)

ah ok, done then

Thanks again - sorry for my lack of clarity (and the nubee error…)