I need help please to handle OCD slots number issue

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What happened: I got OCD lvl 3 and got 17 slots only. After a while I got 5 OCD lvl and still see 17 slots. After trying to add new stuffs it’s returning everything back.
Player(s) with issue: kirby
Server: HWS EU
Time (cb:time): this night
Playfield: Golden Globe/Lawless
Structure Name(s):
Structure ID(s):
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Can you post a screenshot of you ocd, and try to type “ocd:info” in chat and see what info it returns?

Could it be you tried it directly after donating?
Because the donations have to be activated manually. I did this a few hours ago when I woke up.
Please try again, it should work.

And thanks a lot for your help!

Well, maybe I don’t see something downthere?..

3rd lvl was before donation. Just bought it using by bank account.

Yeah, just posted about site page…And in the game I have following:

HWC Connect only shows used slots. All new slots are available but only show after beeing used first time

Yeah, checked maybe 15 min ago. It works. But before it was returning my stuff back.
Ok, thank you! It’s solved! :wink: