I need help please to spawn my CV

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: i can’t spawn my capital vessel on a platform, the platform is enough big but i can’t spawn it : it tells me that there is an object in the spawn zone when there is nothing
Player(s) with issue: karibou
Server: EU server
Time (cb:time): hum this night at 2am
Playfield: everywhere i try to spawn my cv
Structure Name(s): Star Destroyer but it has not yet spawn
Structure ID(s): not yet spawn
How can we help you now: the blueprint of my cv it’s finish, i juste wan’t you spawn it please

Have you tried the HWS pad in peacekeepers? I spawned one of our large CVs there recently.

no not yet, great idea, i try and i tell you if it’s ok :slight_smile:

So i try, but the game tell me always the same thing : there is something in the spawn zone… when there is nothing ! i don’t understand