I need help please with a structurespawning in the ground

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
Farm base spawned under ground on the beach

Player(s) with issue:

Time (cb:time):
3:40 pm est
Structure Name(s):
TheFarm-BA red
Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now:
Can this either be returned to ditzi’s spawned or moved slightly so it all spawns above ground please?

Hey, could you help us quick and let us know how many “Blocks” it should be lifted?

Sorry logged out for a bit. Are you needing to know how many blocks in the structure or how far away from it’s current location?

It appears to be about 2-4 blocks under the surface. (Cannot target the planters)

It needs to be raised by approximately 4 blocks out of the ground

Ok looks good again.

Just keep in mind: There is a wipe very very soon!

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Thank you. Yeah it’s in effort to prepare for the wipe that we wanted to get food together

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