I need help please with loading

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: cant load in
Player(s) with issue: koolerbox
Server: eu
Time (cb:time): 09:45
Playfield: gg
Structure Name(s): all
Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: i cant log back in,get stuck at screen just after it say waiting for server approval,as you can see in screenshots i can open backpack but cant see anything

,also when i press escape i can quit

welcome to an alpha game.

I warped you to a different playfield. All I can do.

thanx apreciate it alot

yeah i understand its alpha and thanx for the awesome server

second time that my game just crashes in a battle im running i7 with 16 gig ram and am at 27 fps so its not my pc thats causing this,i upgraded so that i can pvp and thhis still happens coz previously i was told its my pc so i dont know,pls can you warp me back to rex so i can go to bed

It is Neo… He fu**s up every game he play`s in :stuck_out_tongue:

Done, last time. Stay away if you can’t handle it.
Next time wait until it’s over and get a taxi.

lol could be haha
funny thing is im not even mad lol,its not rexxxus fault so i cant blame him either,just tired

wow didnt expect this reaction,wont ask for help again,have a good evening

Anything which can be seen as abuse in PvP will get this answer from me.

And a free teleport every minute out of a danger zone to prevent getting killed is abuse.