I need help please with people spawn camping my bugged spawn

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What happened:
=> ABN warp camping homeworld and then proceed to camp and keep flying towards my body and try claiming ammo draining as they keep flying and camping my body as my spawn was bugged

Player(s) with issue:
=> Me

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> 1:17am est

=> homeworld

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> im not sure, but i need help

You always have the option of fresh starting.

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Warped you to one of your bases

thank you, and its not fair to force someone to fresh spawn due to spawning bugs…

Pro tip. We know that and developed many features because of that.

Check out this page. Especially the
cb:sethome:ID and cb:gohome command.

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thank you i didnt know about these commands and i wasnt saying that to the hws admins :slight_smile: was saying that to chaotic, as he abused a bugged thing at the time and got a bunch of rp and such, but now that i know this hopefully i wont have a bug issue or anything like this happen again, besides what happened i do thoroughly like the server and have fun on it.

Wouldn’t say that I abused a bug, more or less, just found enjoyment of watching your body turn into a puff of smoke :wink: you ran your mouth consistently, so I thought I’d have a little bit of fun. not exploiting at all, not abusing a bug. all I did was kill you. You’ve been screaming that we’re warp camping, you’ve been begging for someone to #DefundABN, and I had nothing better to do last night. If Rex/Jascha have a problem with it, I don’t have a problem with them taking the 10 rp I got from you… which just so happens to be the same amount i get from most players when I kill them.

Most folks are in a similar mindset with the following statement, but it can vary person to person. If you’re being decent, not mouthing off, and accepting the “L”, I’ll spawn you a ship to get home with. However, if you start being obnoxious, annoying, or a twit, I can send you back to starter.

People like you and PrezCamacho, I’ll choose the latter, but folks who don’t get salty will more than likely get a ride home.

Just thought I’d clear the air once and for all :slight_smile:

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People like me, lol you dont know me one and two the reason i am how i am with you, is yeah im cool with pvp and i accept losses i play ark and rust so its no surprise but when a guy just starting the game and new and asks for mercy nicely and says please then you act like a cocky troll and have the whole server making fun off it and then i have screen shots of you camping warp yeah im gonna be mouthy towards you, if you actually had any incling of what kinda person i was you’d know im actually pretty chill and down to earth just dont like people who dont give a fair chance and act cocky cause they pick on new players :slight_smile:

and last night was more then enough proof and show of what kind of a true person you are spiteful and a troll, if you were actually the cool person aka “the nice noob to players.” Like actual people are then you would of helped and taught a lesson instead of bereaving and trolling like you have from day 1 and yes last night was a exploit and in your own words pretty much just said petty griefing. And as i said again no issue with lossing the ship or anything since its pvp, its and issue with your attitude ,tatics, and how you’ve treated me since day 1.

Just thought id clear the air

like i said i recorded and screenshotted the whole thing so please stop being petty,spiteful, and a troll and have some fairness :slight_smile:

You will notice that the Admin did not say a rule was broken despite your screen shots (We have a video if you want). Can’t recommend reading the Guide enough, you will learn what to do in these situations instead of crying foul play, as you do have a number of options.

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So… this screenshot shows we werent warp camping then…

Sorry but I am offended by you calling @Chaotic a troll.

That title is reserved for myself only.

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You also notice i am not pushing the issue and dumping everything :slight_smile:

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