I need help please with sv

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: sv got taken by hws
Player(s) with issue: koolerbox
Server: eu
Time (cb:time): 16:11
Playfield: lawless home
Structure Name(s): acm kolfskot

Structure ID(s): 1401 0843
How can we help you now: im stuck and need sv transfered to VIK faction as i was guiving sv to othert player

i made him a new one so now i need it made acm again pls

HWS claimed SV inside somone elses CV seems you can detach that sv for now if you need to move your cv.

yeah gona leave it all and go to home planet somone doing pickup so ill spawn a warp sv and go to ecc

Its Set back to your faction

thanx yasha