I need help please . .

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What happened: I warped and lost 10k gold and 5k of each resource from factory
Player(s) with issue: Aapiskukko
Server: HWS Eu
Time (cb:time): about 17.10 - 17.20
Playfield: ecc space - Freelancer hq
Structure Name(s): Aapisk cv
Structure ID(s): 23208741
How can we help you now: Give me my resources back?

How did you loose them and WHAT exactly did you loose?

That does not really help.

Please tell us in detail what happend and why you lost it, from where did you loose it.
What you wrote is inconclusive.

If your situation is legit – then politely explain to jascha in detail what you were doing and what happened before, during, and after with all the detail.

Just a suggestion, stop being a smarta$$ with the person who can help, or choose not too. IF your story checks out.

As it is, your story sounds like a fabricated TALL tale.

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He probably needs details like where was the gold when it went missing? Was it in your inventory? Was it in a cargo box? Was it during a server restart?

Did you dump it into cargo and then instantly warp? Details are needed.

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Also when you say factory - are you sure you dont mean constructor?

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So, i was getting back to freelancer HQ from golden globe where i was mining gold. At ECC space i put the gold ore into the constructor and warped to Freelancer HQ where i re-checked the constuctor AND it was empty. Later i checked factory to make another HV to replace 1 i left at the globe and then i noticed i were missing all my factory resources. AFTER restart my factory resources reappeared to BP factory, but the gold ore is still missing.


thanks a lot for the information. That helps.
Sadly we can’t do anything about it and we also can’t reimburse anything since its out of our control.
Could you please send us your client logs. That might help the Devs to find a possible problem.
Did you notice anything else that was strange?

I did not notice anything too strange.

And yeah i can send the logs after i get to home. Could you give me link or something where you want me to send them?

Ok thank you. You can zip and then upload the logs here. Or to our Mail ([email protected])

Client_180129-161005-16.log (42.3 KB)

I think this is the right one

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