I need help please

Hello all, noob here! Quick question which has probably been talked about many many times before I arrived in this community… is there any way of getting EGS to run in multiplayer on the steam deck. Single player is perfectly fine but there seems to be some issue with the anti cheat software and steam os / proton… any hints, tips, rumours, rumours about rumours would be appreciated so I can get myself online and playing with you all … sorry that was a long post for a first one!

Welcome to HWS!
Regarding this older article Easy Anti Cheat is responsible you can’t play but apparently there is a list of games that work already:

Which means it’s either Valve don’t care about Empyrion to make it compatible with steam deck or the devs of Empyrion didn’t do their job yet.

Either way, I don’t think there is a good way for now.
Even if Steamdeck could run a virtual machine, simulating Windows on it, it would be too heavy for the CPU etc.