I need help please

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

I lost every thing I logged off last night at 4 am and then come on today and every thing disappeared.
4 am last night
cyro a1
no idea
a small vessel with all my items in there.
get my stuff back that took me hours to do all last night ? will it happen again ? …

Hello @SacredGirl

You didn’t provide all the information with the template but as far as I can see all your structures are still on Cryo A1 on EU.
They are set to private though and if you are away from them (what you are) you have to open your registry and check the “Show private Structures” at the top right.
Then you can see them on the map.

hello I did as you asked and it is not showing up on the registry I logged off on 4 am and came on last night to having to start off in the training area with all my stuff disappeared. I even went to the area where I logged off the and the guy I was playing with that night ship is all there but mine Is not. So I really have no idea what happened I’ve just lost hours of game play. even all my quests reset its like I did nothing but it shows on my character log that I did.

Hey SacredGirl,

oh, that is strange. I don’t see from the logs the reason really.
What is your friend called? Maybe I can compare his progress with yours.


Ill take a look
How many hours ago from now was your 4am logout?

Well I set you back as much as I could. Only thing missing will be blueprint information.