I need help understanding grow plots and base limits

I have built a base on Atlantis that started at a class 6.5 or so before plants went in. Now that I filled it with plants its been pushed up to a class 7.66 ( 8 ).

What I’m wondering is if I need to remove some plots to take it down to a class 7, or if grow plots don’t really effect the build limit restrictions?

If the grow plots don’t effect the build limit then would I be able to build say a class 7 base, then fill it to class 8 or 9 with plants?

I asked in the Global chat but no one seemed to be able to answer me. thanks for your time! :slight_smile:

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hey everything counts to increase the class size, including the plants themselves, class limit is 7 or 7.45, be careful on how you build, try and take out devices that u dont use eg lights…

yeah, thats exactly what i thought.
I currently have a 7.66 base going on Atlantis right now.
Adding the plants pushed it over 7.45 and so far everything seems fine with it. I haven’t received a warning or anything. what should happen to the base?

will be taken in time if the class size not lowered to 7

It is a 7. 7.5 it hits 8

yes anything over 7.45 will be class 8

7.49 actually. But who’s counting

is there warnings before it gets taken?

  • PvP Planets : After 2 x 2-minute warnings your structure will be set to HWS faction ( 4 minutes in total)
    PvP Space : After 5 x 3-minute warnings your structure will be set to HWS faction ( 15 minutes in total)
  • PvE Planets & Space : After 5 x 15-minute warnings your structure will be set to HWS (75 minutes in total)
  • Structures set to HWS faction will be deleted in
    PvP : after 7 minutes
    PvE : after 3 days
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That is a gray zone we allow due to structures class raising when damaged.
If you get over you get a warning. but better to keep below it from the start.

Im just assking, do you have one light for a one growplot or one for 9 grow plot?

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