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What happened:
=> I was in one of my ships and it was off, my ship was parked on my base but far enough away from my gravity generator that my base has, anyways I decided to repair my armor and when i took it off and put it in the repair station i pulled it out and somehow dropped it, when that happened I got stuck in space and loosing oxygen. I tried to grab the armor, but it kept telling my inventory was full, which was true, probably why i dropped it I guess. Anyways I died and couldn’t spawn to my ships, but for some reason my jetpack worked like a glitch of some sort, so I tried to get back to my backpack, but then i died again and again, now the jetpack didnt work anymore, then my original backpack disapeared. Lost a bunch of good sized resources, fuel and an alien core.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Iron Man

=> NA

Time (cb:time):
=> Between 8-8:30pm NA side, time of death hasnt showed up in my dashboard yet

=> Winters Fury

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:
=> I would like to get my alien core back if possible, my epic armor and the resources, I can make a list if needed, unless you can view it in the logs. The resources are the most important, I just bought them last night which I have a log of me buying them and hadnt had the chance yet to put them in the OCD.

I can verify that what hes saying is accurate as I was speaking with him at the time of this event and when it happened. I would have helped him at the moment it happened but I wasnt online and either way I dont have access to FU space.

Never take your armor off unless you have a spare set already in your inventory or in the armor locker. We have volume and mass activated. You need to be wearing an armor to have enough volume capacity to hold an epic armor set. A spare light armor would have done the trick.
So once you took it off and tried to put in inventory it dropped to the floor, since there wasn’t enough capacity to your inventory to hold it. Rinse and repeat.
Plus, empty inventory first of course.

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Please keep in mind that this is not the correct time. We always need the server time, which you can see in HWS Connect or typing “cb:time” in chat.
I think I found the case though and returned the Core and resources.
The armor however couldn’t be found and replaced, sry.

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