I put in a support request but it has disappeared

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What happened:
A garage ship has disappeared and I put in a request, the request seems to have disappeared too.
JiNCo’s Alien Core 21579741 Yes

Player(s) with issue:


Time (cb:time):


Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:


sorry. You have to wait for the request to be accepted. I rejected the “for me second one” since it was a duplicate.
Please fill out the template above with all the information next time (not sure if the other ticket had it though).

I restored the ship for free this time. You did not touch it for 16 days, so it automatically decayed.

I really appreciate that you have restored the ship. Many Thanks.
It would have been a hard lesson to learn otherwise.
I log onto the server everyday, isnt this enough?
Is it possible to have 48hrs warning before hand?
Thank you

Nope. You have to open the control panel or directly access something like a cargo box or a constructor to reset the timer. Standing on the structure also works but is harder to trigger sometimes than just opening the control panel.

Structure commander on HWS connect tells you exactly how long since you last “touched” the structure.

Thnak you for your reply. I was making a suggestion of how it could be, better in my opinion.

The miners eye is still deleted and not restored as you previously stated. Please look into this thanks :slight_smile:

What do you mean?

I only saw this:

Whats miners eye?

Yes, it’s name is “Jinco’s alien core” but it is a miners eye garage ship.

Ah ok. Well its there. Check your structure registry (it has a different ID of course).
Pirate HQ Sector -6868 311 5075

Is that where it was? It was parked on Stella.
I am federation.
Is it private to me or is it factioned?
If factioned maybe I can send someone to get it.
I sent a message to any pirate members to ask if they can go and bring it back to faction space.
Thank you very much for your help.

Its faction, as it was before.
ID: 24321739

Yeah thank you! I have asked any pirate members to see if they can go and get it for me.
Many Thanks

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