I was Banned. and feel sorry

Hey i was banned. sent to a planet didn’t realize what happened thought it was a glitch. so i then decided to kill myself. and re-spawn at my home base. I then realized i was in prison. And then got banned from server. Yeah i know i should of read the rules. and been patient. However i apologize for killing noobs on m32. I did not read rules which have been told to me to do so multiple times. however since im a stupid american i decided to “wing it” when learning the server and not read the rules. This infraction will never happen again. And i will make it my duty to kill all the massive traders who break the rules everyday by acting as “pirates”


Yeah - but is there anyone on the server who actually wants you unbanned?

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Do your time. Come back and play again. Not sure how you managed to miss those rules. its been talked about numerous times in chat

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Aye sounds like you got away with it for a bit :stuck_out_tongue: Agreed do your time come back , plenty of other people to pew pew …

TuT is serving hard time too but honestly the clarification on the rules was something I missed. We had never warped out of the starter system, and have only recently warped away few nights ago with all of our equipment, and never returned. If the rules specifically meant that once you leave the PLANET, as in establish orbit, you can never return, then yes, I am guilty and I will serve my time.

But remember Mr. Garz. You’re stuck here…with ME :slight_smile:

I mean…

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I see.
You would have come out tomorrow anyways so sad you missed this slide:

As I said ingame: sure a beginner needs Neo + sat to build a CV and flies with his SV out of the starter planet to the moon. But we can check this of course and it is ok for him to return then to finish his CV. But after that phase it is over. No Auto Miner collection, No home base, etc.

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