I was kicked from SV near Sanctuary and now I am on Mars-X

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What happened:
I was kicked from my ship near Zirax flight base on Sanctuary sector. I’ve tried rebirth in clone camera but I’ve rebirth on Mars planet. Is it possible and valid option? I haven’t 500 RP for acceptable presence on Mars -X planet.
Player(s) with issue:

Time (cb:time):
apx 20:30 Monday 25 November


Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):
I think ID of my ship is 30392286

How can we help you now:
I want back to the my planet Freelancer-HQ and if you have the possibility please back my SV. And Epic rifle please)))

Hm, I warped the ship back to you.
Please let me know if all is good now.

I’m still on Mars-X and haven’t no idea how can I get back to the home(
It is little bit weird, because I haven’t enough RP for visiting this planet. Could you, please, help me solve this issue?

Press M and check top right corner please.
It says Sanctuary for me

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Yep, I was moved to Sanctuary planet. My ship was little bit higher than I expeсted, but on the current moment all is ok. Except that I lost epic stuff and ammo. I’ve already started to get used to buying new weapons)
Thank you

But could you please back me the epic boer? It wasn’t my, I’ve take it from clan base and I think it will be too pitty if a can’t back it to the guys.

Why did you die in the first place?

Nvm, saw it in the logs. Refunded.

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I was kicked from my ship near Zirax flight base on Sanctuary sector. Fall from a height and broke my leg. got ashore and came under fire Zirax bases. And no any success restore after that(
I will try be more carefull, but sometimes server or game engine kicks the player from the ship.
Once again thank you for helping. You are great!

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