Idea for a more Dynamic HWS gameplay

Idea for a more Dynamic HWS gameplay.
My suggestion for a more Dynamic Player to Player Market with more traffic and interaction between EU and NA server.
After one Season on HWS with 400 Hours of game time on this Server I have not seen all of the Server, but a little bit.
Anyway, I think I identified a few things which could use some … evolution.
First of all, i think the PVE Part could use some Love, many People also have some good thoughts on this in this Forum, I will Post them on another time.
Second: Survival is ,form me, to easy and cheap, also due to OAM, Homeworld and GG every Player can get rich very quick. Maybe not „Gold“ rich, but getting my hands on Magnesium, Erestrum, Zascosiun and so on is Easy as hell. Water and Air are nealy worthless, same with Food. Even the „Rare“Minerals are cheap after a few in game days.
Cross server Gameplay: Maybe this is the biggest invention HWS has to offer, but it seems its to rarely used. I for my part nearly never use it.
Origins : If i take a close look on the gameplay, I get the feeling origin does not matter much, except how you gain RP, and where your starter is.
So, I was thinking about a rather extreme Gameplay change, inspired a bit by the TV Show „The Expense „and its Books.
I would take our Solar system as inspiration for a new Playfield. Then let’s split it up to 2 big Playfields.
Inner Solar System
Outer Solar System
Then lets rename the two existing servers (NA and EU) to Inner System and Outer system.
Why? This way we can have a Universe with far more different Planets, Sectors and so on , without ever „overloading „one single Server. Also, the exploration part will be far more bigger

Now we have our two main Zones (Inner and outer Solar system) as you can guess, Inner System will be more friendly and outer system is the Wild West. Now we could make some things rare in one Playfield (Water and Air on the outer Planets, Erestrum Zascosium on the inner Planets) so we have a „forced „ trade between inner and outer planets. Inner Planets will be more PVE area, all Playfields reachable by SV and the Outer Planets will be more PVP areas, like Planet Jupiter with his Moons (Europa, only place where you can get Ice/Water on the outer Planets) would be fun to see PVP for cheap water instead of PVP for Gold….
Inner Planets can now build up a Traceroute to the outer Planets to sell them Water/Air/H2, but to spice thing up, last two sectors to the Gate (CSW Sector) are PVP, so Pirate from the outer Sectors can
Hunt down the Traders.

New Reputation System:
We could make tree origins: Earth, Mars, Belt
Each origin has its own RP system, to enter „Belt systems „you need a high Belt RP, and so on.
If you Kill other Earth and Mars Players, you will loose Earth and Mars RP.
If you have high Earth RP, you loose Belt RP.
The Origins have also Political bond: Earth and Belt hate each other to the Bones, Mars is Neutral to each. So, if you gain Belt Point you lose the same amount in Earth Points, if you Kill Mars Players you only loose Mars Points.
Minerals: I would Put Iron and Stadium only on Earth Planets, so each Origin must buy it someway from Earth players. Also i would make Promethium extremely rare everywhere except some sectors in Outer Solar System.
With regulations like this, plus a lot of Admin Space Trading Stations full of NPC Traders, i think we will get following meta:
Newbies and PVE Players can live, start safely on the inner planes and earn money by selling Ores and Water to every other origin.
Mars Plays are close to what freelancers should be: They can PVP in the outer sectors, play a bit PVE in the inner, but also they would be great Traders traveling between the Inner and outer systems, selling goods where they are needed
Belters can be the outlaws, they explore the dangers of the outer Solar System, maybe there is a big Gold Asteroid 20 km of the center, and you have to keep it secret… maybe there is some freaky Alien Ship out there. They fight against other Belters on the Moon of Europe for Water, they Mine Erestrum and Neodymium out there in the endless Darkness of the Orth Cloud always in fear of some Pirate, or they are the Pirates, hiding out in some well-hidden Space station, hunting down Miners and Traders.

Last but not least i would make at least 3 big community Centers and some new game Mechanic:
To keep those Community centers working thy require some Supply’s, also with other, rarer supply’s they gain Levels and sell Cheaper, or unlock new Origin bonuses. All Members have to supply those Centers with goods to keep them from getting closed. Is a Center closed, you don’t have access to EB, OAM, OCD. Each player can choose on center at his center, that’s where all his Services are at home. Each player can only chose one center, but he can change „His „ center once per day.
Earth Space Center: The Center of Earths Space Program. Requires constant Supply of Fusion Cells.
Phoebes Mars Center: The Gateway to Mars. Needs lots of Water and Neodymium, maybe for some Secret Mars Tech?
Ceces Asteroid Base: The biggest Space Station of the Belters. It Requires massive amounts of O2 and Iron to stay Operational.

So please give me some feedback on my thoughts for a „different“HWS Universe
I have lots of ideas regarding this universe, but I think my Post is to long already
Greetings Squallus

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Is it a complete coincidence that your idea sounds like a recent TV show?

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As statet in the beginning, its havely influenced by the books and the show. More by the books, as ive read them long before the show was a thing. Also a remark to the Expanse: the writer designed the Universe of the show first for an Mmopg space game, the books and the show are simply the lore for the game. But he couldnt find a Studio to produce it. I’m not ashamed to say it sounds like The Expense. We could take the good parts of it amd make something better.

good idea !
why not to borrow some ideas from your proposal !
what about trading ? and super mega bank ? :slight_smile:

Then you do not know half of the game.

Again you should probably visit both servers before suggesting major dramatic changes. People who play on EU are generally, Europeans. People on NA usually live on my side of the pond. People from different cultures don’t think alike and have different prime times etc.

So you have 400 hours on the servers and you never used CSW but you want to force new players to do it???

Now I think you are trolling because we already have 3 factions and you pretty much just described them.

Same as I wrote on the other big suggestion post:

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions!
It is almost a new server setup needed for that but I will see what I can pick from those to improve HWS.

I know there is so much more possible and I know it’s easier to see the bad things than the good things :slight_smile:
We are trying. (RP system, Trading system, etc.)

Making EU and NA different was the very first idea but a poll showed, that it was not desired and everyone wanted the same universe.
Different ones would be cool though. Where is the balance though. Especially if the Ping is the limiting factor (a NA guy can’t play on EU only for “Story” purposes).

But that NPC Trader should play a bigger role and resources is a hot one I have planned for long time but needs ton of time for me alone to realize.

I tried it a bit with Magnesium and the Sanctuary Server. Only there you could find Magnesium. Overall it was quite cool from what I’ve heard from the community.

No water on planets can go wrong fast though. Especially if they are PvE planets. Nobody wants to live there then and we have an imbalance somewhere else.

Anyways a lot is possible with a game we created basically independently on HWS :wink:


While rarity of common resources might seem good, for multiplayer with pvp it is not. When things are to hard to come by everyone just hides in pve 24/7 carebear mode.