Idea for a PvP event room



Would it be possible to create an event room like we have currently for the missions such as alien asylum etc. for organized pvp fights?.
What I propose is that the participants enter a portal in the event room. They enter a pve arena where they have a choice of a few ships. when they select a ship by activating a teleporter or a switch or something it moves them into pvp space or planet playfield into their selected ships which are fueled/alien cored/full of ammo etc. ready to fight but out of fighting range from one another so they don’t get an unfair advantage right away. Or they could be inside some kind of hangar that is locked for a short duration until everybody has been successfully moved into their ships. the doors open, and the fight begins. The battle ends when only 1 person remains alive or the timer runs out.
It could be configured for 1v1, 2v2, SVs, CVs, etc. And possibly you could take a deposit from each player’s bank account to be paid to the winner at the end or if nobody won they all lose their money.
There would likely have to be multiple event areas with different configurations to handle all the options that people might want. In the higher end ones you could even have some garage ships available for the battles.
You may have to warn people to empty their inventories before entering because they probably won’t be getting their stuff back if they die.
p.s. I’d be happy to create a few small SVs for this purpose.


Thanks for the idea!
I really want this but unfortunately we don’t have a solid way to force these group fights.
We would need a lobby like in Fortnite or PUBG or HOTS or any MP game where it is about 5vs5 etc.

In Empyrion we only have a max. amount but every mission could be done in theory also with 1 guy.

There is a chance this comes in at some time but for now it would be rather a manual announced event with some efforts (not automated unfortunately).


I guess if only 1 guy goes in he can fly around for a few minutes and win his money back… lol


if the rules would not be enforceable, then it would be best not to attach any kind of reward system to it, but I think people would still enjoy it and probably make bets on their own performance. and they may pay up or not, but it’s not an hws enforced system so you wouldn’t be responsible for that at least