Idea for map/mini map "identification"

Currently as i understand it, and there are still some bugs, but…

Green = faction or ally
Yellow = waypoint enabled object
Red = enemy
white = private/public object

I was thinking, in situations where you are “friendly” to another faction, ie: trader/guardian scenario, unless you have a direct alliance with them, they show up as Red. This is kind of a bad thing, as red generally means enemy and is someone you dont have to worry about killing. But a better solution might be to do something like create a new color category…

Blue = neutral

This would cover faction’ed objects from non-allied factions that are not really hostile off the bat. Of course if they attach you or vice versa… its on like donkey kong… but a visual clue would be nice and may prevent accidental friendly fire due to the fact we simply do not have an official alliance with said “friendly” or neutral faction

just and idea…

Also find confusing the color scheme of both allies and non allies of POIs and other things in a battle that can complicate,
I will give my suggestion the colors should be those of each origin but with stronger and weaker hues, for example, in the guardian, we would have the dark blue for anyone inside or outside the guardian origin, but in case you have allies you will see the color Blue lighter, ie if the player is guardian and you find him in space and if the other ship is just a guardian in which you have no aliaça you will see the dark blue color if he is your ally you will see the light blue, And of course you’ll have a middle term color between light blue and dark blue for your faction friends and for the waypoint, this can be applied to all backgrounds, orange pirate, green trade, yellow hunter and freelance will hover between White and gray which is more convenient, POIs and EGS structures can be respectively Red and Purple such as this one here in the forum.

The game’s own paint gun gives us quite a options inside the colors.

Green = Ally or own structure
Orange = Not ally but in same Origin
Red = enemy / no ally / no same origin

Yeah especially for HWS more colors like for guilty people would be cool but currently not possible


Just wish we could easily identify the “neutral” folks i DONT want to kill :slight_smile: