Idea To Help Admins

Rule violations is a serious thing and should be dealt with as swiftly as possible. However, there are only so many admins and so many hours in a day. And GASP admins actually have a life outside of the server.

That has lead to this idea. Perhaps we could make a section in the forums for reporting rule violations. We as a community could then help the admins in the review process. We as a community would review the evidence presented and if a consensus is reached that there is sufficient evidence of a violation, then an admin could be brought in for the final ruling and determination of punishment if needed.

Not cool on the idea of mob rule… as Statler has already mentioned, Admins do not have time to individually nitpick every single statement from a thread. Info needs to be more concise and backed up with evidence, otherwise it’s a case of he said she said and nothing gets confirmed.

I agree with you 100% on the mob rule. I was more meaning that video evidence would be required first and foremost, and the community could help weed those out further. This post was inspired by what Statler said and I was simply trying to think of a way to ease the burden. However, now that I think about it, it probably would be more trouble than it is worth, as it would require a majority of contributors to be able to remain impartial.


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However this describes a “natural mistake” that we do in real life too. We wait for a superior judgement instead of clarify things by ourself.

Why not create an experimental section where ppl put down their “fair-play doubt” and try to clear them out by themself without the need of a “divine” who came down to punish?

I think that a “public debate” - WITH PROOF - can be easily carried out by “normal ppl”, at least between players that doesn’t keep breaking the rule each time.

The section can even be ignored by Admin, but we can create a blacklist of ppl keeping breaking the rules and of ppl who keeps accusing other ppl without any proof.

Don’t know…maybe i put too much trust in ppl! :smiley:

Because it was suggested somewhere and just throwing it in:

what do you think about the possibility only faction founder can send a person IN own faction to prison?
So if your faction has rules and one of your member behaving like an idiot you can vote within your faction and the founder can send him to prison with a command.

The person of course needs to be in that faction

Without thinking deeper into it I let this rollin by you. Have fun


I really like the idea of founder jail sentence. I honestly think a lot of the grief on the server stems from actions of a rogue member. This would be a great way of helping the community keep out of control players in check without involving admins.

I like your idea. Make it a forum for discussing rule breakers. The way I picture it is someone posts video proof of abuse, the community can then contribute their own additional evidence if they have any and discuss the validity of the initial claim.

Whizzle I see you also belive that one picture says more than thousand words. :ox:

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funny thing, when I first saw that picture, I didn’t notice the torches and thought everybody’s head was on fire LOL