Ideas to help push PvErs towards PvP more


Hello, I started recently playing on US server and so far i have been enjoying this server and i am hoping in becoming a long term member…
In my short stay so far, all i see is pvp’ers complaining about lack of victims… I see ABN working very hard to try and get people more into the PvP areas, i’ve enjoyed their events quite a bit and thank them for that!
So, in an effort to try and help them and other PvPers out a bit, here’s my thoughts on the matter and maybe possible ways to try and improve it.

Currently as I see it (or discovered so far), PvE players have very little incentives to push into PvP space… Since they are not experienced in pvp, they see their chances of survival and loot retrieval as slim…
current possibilities are POIs, Quests or mining… all of which will cost u time and absolutely no return in case of PvP loss… in fact it will cost the vessels and ammo and brought inventory… so, a major set back in the worse scenario case…
With the short seasons system adapted, we seem to be in a race against time to gather as much resources/credits as possible and upgrade our OCD and stuff, before the next wipe hits… so if i am to spend my 1 or 2 hours that i have to play the game PvPing and then ending up with absolutely nothing except the “Enjoyment” of the battle… i will have to choose to stick with PvE where i can guarantee 1mil / hour of gameplay at the very least…
as such, here’s a couple of ideas that imo might encourage pvers to venture into PvP and actually battle… (they would definitly encourage me :P)

Vessel Insurance

Ability to insure vessels! in case of loss they would be replaced based on saved template or something… most people starting up don’t have ability to replace a lost ship easily, this would help towards that end and mitigate the losses a bit… as well as the downtime needed in PvE before getting back into PvP space…

PvP Bases acting as auto-miners
If a player builds a base on pvp planet, allow them from the hws connect to passively gain a chosen resource (among those that exist on said planet) for as long as said base is cored and powered… like from the structure commander under manage options, they could set it as Mining Facility for X resource?!
Basically I could go drop a base and try to defend it for as long as possible while gaining some resources passively in a manner to at least compensate the loss of the base + fighting vessels (or insurance can cover that)…
currently as I see it, bases have very little purpose on pvp planet, at least for a pver… this would be a great incentive for people to start more such PvP play and actually get the HVs as well as the SVs into play…

Have more ideas, but lets see how hard i will be roasted for these first :stuck_out_tongue:


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Good ideas though the best insurance is to not take your hard earned ship to a PvP playfield in the first place and just place an auto miner on an asteroid that you don’t have to defend.

What if class size vessel limits are proportionately increased based on size of faction? We’re a 3 person faction so if we went to where there’s a 12 person faction, maybe we are allowed class 10 or 12 vs. their class 7s.

Or we can ally with an NPC faction of the same origin as ours if we’re different origin as the alpha faction if they’re a different origin. Maybe Polaris loans us 3 or 4 drones if we’re Alliance and we’re fighting Lawless.

Maybe those aren’t technically possible but I dont think PvEers don’t PvP because they might lose their loot. It’s because they role play and no one would go up against a superior opponent just goes kicks. Whatever valuable gains can be gotten can be gotten by other means.

Anyway, just sharing my two cents.


I really like the second idea, it should encourage players to build on planets other than Titan(for rp) and Golden Globe(for mining protection).

As a side note, in my opinion, PVP should have less PVE hasards. When Golden Globe got it’s crust back, I’ve yet to see anyone mining the red gold because it’s protected by a dangerous POI in addition to being checked by every pvper that visits the planet. Players have already proved that they are capable(and willing) to control pvp hotspots like traders, no need for PVE there.


I agree. It’s a good thing that you get guilty by the POI, but there’s already a great amount of risk mining red gold. For example you can’t have a base there, so you’re forced to have HV/SV protection. And then it’s still risky, because your escape options are limited.


I have kinda always seen this as something the community can get going by the roleplay part. Pay a dude/faction, they take the bp, and fill a gargobox with all the ingrediens, rdy to spawn for you when needed. If only not some players was so scared for their blueprints :roll_eyes:


I know of some servers allowing players to take over a poi in PvP space/planet that gives them passive resources or fuel, etc for holding the poi for x amount of time. Which would give players reasons to contest the poi’s like the traders.


Thank you :slight_smile: To be honest the idea of interest is also related to actually encouraging people in taking their nice ships into pvp and risk loosing without worry, which also provides pirates with better loot if they do sack the ship…

as for the auto miner on asteroid… sort of defeats the purpose I am trying to achieve, actual PvP action… in auto miner scenario, u will just stealth back to pick it up and u can pretty much warp away from any danger without being forced to engage…

the idea of a base passively mining while u protect it would be for me in the rate of return per minute sort of thing… where in 1 play session of as little as 30 minutes to 1 hr, we could drop a base to mine something for us while we provide cover and fight the pirates for as long as possible… this way my entire session would be in PvP, and I will most likely lose the base in an hour or so as well as some ships, but I would have passively gathered enough material to compensate… this would allow solo/small groups to easily PvP and gather resources at same time without worrying about the other limit problems and such so much…

maybe also the more expensive the base, the better the returns, or if you keep certain expensive things on the base the passive return increases… (basically to also increase the possible loot value for the pirates)


This might work in real life where usually the number of accidents is limited to a specific percentage of your customer base, which allows you to have some margin of profit… Whereas here people are most likely going to claim on the insurance :smiley: better leave it managed by HWS or something like that… (Or may Oz can run it :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Weekly price, one payout only. With 10 ships, and a rich faction, it will work :wink: maybe we in hwp can try next season… add something to our gameplay :wink:


In all honesty, it isn’t the loss of resources, its the imbalance of players and the different forms of lag (most of the lag isn’t HWS’s fault).

On the player side of things, the PVP players spend almost their entire day doing one thing, hunting down players and destroying even unarmed equipment. In truth, until there is a punishment system, such that these players are not able to access ECC or any of the civilized worlds (PVE), PVP has no meaning other than to troll players trying to do other things. Lacking this banishment from Civilized space, I would suggest that we the player base be given the ability to add people to a denial of service list on the HWS market (the HWS server market, not the ingame market which HWS has no control over). This way we could add people who sell to the pirate and lawless groups who pvp against unarmed civilians (think of the way in which trade of conflict diamonds were banned and criminalized in the international courts).

Perhaps we could even get a system of justice rolling where by player factions vote on banishing other player factions from the market system as a form of punishment.

Until we have these things, all pvp in any server is, is little more than trolling players in a world lacking any form of meaningful governance.

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In the current environment, I think what ur saying makes alot of sense…
I also recently discovered that titan kind of already has one of the ideas! if u build and hold a base there u will earn passive RP… so that’s one thing in the right direction…
The main idea I was trying to push though is to give more reasons for PvErs to actually PvP a bit instead, that way pirates won’t be so bored as to go hunting random people who just happen to land in a PvP space by some way or another…


Sadly, your idea is just feeding them, and will cause them to log in more often to kill a greater number of people. Their appetites for destruction are endless, like the void of space.


Why should PvE players be “pushed” into a mode of play they don’t care for though.

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welcome @cembandit :slight_smile:

What you say is so true…
Will also add that allot of players visit PVP everyday… They just avoid conflict :wink:


my choice of words was poor… push is not my intention, rather entice or something along those lines…
I have so far mostly played PvE myself and was looking for more things that may make me more interested in PvP…
as I discovered after this post, some things are already there… they are just not really meant for a solo player (which Ive so far been) but more for larger factions…