Illegally Parked

So, a pirate came to NA server (yay!!!) and stole a CV from a starter planet, then highjacked another very large CV, popped a random CV that was trying to help someone, and basically did pirate things, rather well. Upon being chased, he ran to elemental marketplace and logged out there. As I understand rule #6: the max resource count on the highest resource is 6.5k. This CV is a modified Hims Last Word, which is 43,000 iron. So would this be a case of illegal parking?

I have screenshots of the well parked CV in a no parking zone for a rig that size, if need be.

Happy hunting!

It was my CV and its 23k blocks

This rule was updated earlier today and allows for CVs to be parked there even if they are bigger than 5000 blocks.