Im getting a warning about being over the device limit on my CV

Good day.

I just started getting a warning about my ship PB–OOS under const-- in milky way currently, having more than the allowed device limit. All I have done is park some of my SV’s on board since I’m in the process of switching to my new ship. Now, does adding SV in the landing bays of my carrier count as additional devices? I don’t want to break down my other ship if I’m not gonna be able to use my space carrier as a carrier for my unit. Please let me know. I just want to get a clear answer before any of my ships are confiscated

Yea unless ofc the device is over 1000 on the CV then it will be caused by the stacking of SV. It’s a bug (game not server) we will see what we can do as it is becoming a little nuisance for people that are following the rules :slight_smile:

OK, very good…I will double check my ship specs tomorrow when I get back on to make sure. otherwise, I will just ignore the warning…thank you for your quick response to this. have a great day

Just for update, I did find that I was 20 device over and have corrected the CV to comply with the rules…now I know for sure if it keeps warning me, its a glitch lol…have a great day