Im in prison and I fell not guilty

A faction friend found out what happened. You sent me to prison because I alegedly stole a ship from donator planet.
Heres the deal:
I found a new planet, a NORMAL planet mind you. Private planets give you warnings and kick you off to space if you try to go there. This was a bog standard planet. Went there to mine and do some POIs.
I died and spawned in a public ship. A PUBLIC ship CV. I took it home and dismantled it ofcourse.
Then you sent me to prison.
How do I know if that was a donator planet?
Why didnt you talked to me man? I could just reimburst the guy for the ship if it was a mistake.

ot0 you are an hero to all of us, when you get out of prison hook me up i will give you all riches, together we shall defeat this pay to win stupidness.
i would say this is an incorrect jail sentence, since he had time to steal an cv within the kick timelimit, this is something that is wrong on the admins side to not code the kick command earlier.
you should stand up to this nonsense, since we have traders raiding just like pirates out there, while people getting jailed for stealing ships on donator planets lol… just imagine what admins are having their eye on… $$$$$$

Thanks for make a statement. People who makes statements are always in advantage.

So first of all read this again and think about it:

Server @ot0_m0t0: WARNING! The planet you entered didnt give you permission! This Planet belongs to Faction ART. Leave NOW!
(this is copy paste from the game)

That is obvious and clear. Period.

To have such an coincidence that you get warped to exactly that CV… let’s take it. It was public, you can fly it. Also ok.
But dismantling it with the intention to just steal everything from the other guy without giving it him back (cause you knew it was not “yours”) was the prison trigger - see rule 2.3.

Since both made mistakes it is just to make rule 2.3 clear and maybe to deal this out between you and Sterbehilfe. Than I am good.

@Thranir my troll friend. This is the final warning about spreading bullshit out in the public. Even if I explained even for you everything in detail you still stand this stupidness. Donator planets are like faction planets. As a trader you can’t be on a pirate planet. Same for donator planets. They have no other benefits. It is just that they can distance themself from people like you.

I am just tired of you spreading sneaky oil everywhere and even got innocent people to believe your crap.

Its called propaganda ^^
just find it it funny you giving out warnings to people who are not breaking any rules or saying bad words…
Why do you have this forum if not people can say their own opinion on matters?

if you dont recall i am an superb infiltrator and its in my roleplay aspect to try to get more people on my side even on forums…

Perhaps I didnt se the warning if it was only one. But I was there for a very long time unaware of the transgression. So perhaps look into that server side.

The bug that you spawn in enemy ships is something we can’t track or know, otherwise this bug would be fixed already (it exist since pre alpha)

But maybe public ships has something to do with it?
I count this as sorted for now…
Thanks for clarification.

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defends Thranir

Sorry I had to post this. He gave me a free base worth a few billion.

But I heard this before today that people said that they spawned in other people’s bases/ships. Not just public ones. This particular case was just extremely unlucky.

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Its not like i am directly against you Rexxus i just think you give to much love to the carebears we the hardworkers deserve some luxury stuff dont we? i think the hunters shall have ocd cooldown to 5 mins, and be able to call reinforcements command to other hunters to warp directly to the warzone.

The balance about PvP and PvE are quite good for now. We have almost the same amount of people rage quitting about too much PvP and too much PvE. That’s awesome.
Bit more PvP of course but that is what I announced with “back to the roots”.

Bounty Hunter get special love as soon as I have more time again.

Yes i like how it is now, but the taxes need to be higher… to get out the pesky zappe squad, yes that sounds good, we are living on pure private investments at the moments, a investments from the richstag would mean alot! :slight_smile:

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