I'm new to HWS RE and I have various questions

Hi, like the title says I started playing HWS very recently (3 days ago to be more precise) and I have a couple of question about different topics that relate from progression to simple POIs worths. I would really appreciate if people could help me out on those but don’t feel forced to leave an answer if you don’t want to. Just for context I have a pretty big base setup, I got a couple of good CVs and I’m kinda setup so here we go.

1-Are the Zyrax POIs even worth running? I did many Zyrax POIs but it feels like they don’t reward much loot compared to Purple POIs when it comes to Alien containers.

2-I get one tapped pretty easily so is armor really that effective or do you need epic heavy to be viable?

3-Is money really that important to get to end game and if so where should I start

4-Are Zyrax ships worth attacking for ressources and what type of ship would I need?

5-I tried my best looking around for a guide or even explanations on it but what exactly is the progression to endgame like? Is there some well know phases one should go through or is it random by system.

6-What do people work towards, I like this game but I can’t get myself to farm if I don’t have a clear goal in sight.

If you got to the end of this thanks for reading and thanks for helping me out, I feel like this game has alot of potential and it kinda saddens me that there’s not that many resources when it comes to learning it but I hope this can maybe help people in the future that have the same questions as me. Thanks again

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To answer some of those questions people will need to know if you are playing HWS+ or HWS RE

Thanks for the heads up, I’m currently playing on Reforged Eden

I will answer you based on my way of playing… I am Rammzez and play in HWS RE NA…
1- 100% easier to get good loot in alien POIs, advice use heavy type weapons such as the grenade launcher, flamethrower and plasma cannon, they are more effective to kill enemies alone or in a group, who do not have a shield and more than to hurt you they infect you with many types of diseases… Advice practice makes you better every time…
2- Heavy armor is better, it gives more bonuses, but it can become a burden due to its weight if you don’t implement mobility and jetpack reinforcements, even more so if you make alien POIs…
3- Yes and not so much depending on your type of game, following the path of farming alien POIs, I sell heavy armor and mainly optronics… Sell them at the Kenex station…
4- The list starts from easy to hard… ** Kiuvera-Class Cutter ** ** Sunat-Class Corvette ** ** Periat-Class Frigate ** ** Imerat-Class Destroyer ** ** Kamirat-Class Battlecarrier ** ** Tovera-Class Dreadnought ** Remember that easy does not mean that they are made of paper, to destroy CV, you need your ship to have good attack power, turrets to lower shields and of course your CV you also need, the more shield the better…
5 and 6 - It would be the same answer, playing time will make you better, enter factions that help you or ask for chat, nobody is born learned and this game is too complex to learn the middle or final part of the game is a few words…
I hope I can help you in something, I have more than 3 thousand hours of game, mainly in RE, so I think I know something, but still every day I learn something new, it’s the magic of EGS… Tip: Take care out there space is mortal… Atte: Rammzez

Thank you very much for you well detailed reply. It will help me out alot during my play through.

Here are some of the experiences I gained from joining RE EU. I usually instruct newcomers in the clan like this:
to learn how to fly, you have to actually build yourself something that can fly.

learn how to fight, distinguish guns, each POI has a different number of minions, turrets and you need to have a good gun and armor when you’re up against it, long term we’re aiming for DC-17 and epic heavy amor. Each poi has a different point of interest and value, so you can choose POI according to your needs to come. I usually go to Abandoned Atlas Mine to find a lot of very rare chests.

The next thing is to learn how to sail and build advanced ships, you will start to need resources, so need to dig and mine them from every source you know, this stage really requires meteorites containing Ores in space, pay attention to build shields for ships when infiltrating in search of rare resources. Start looking to wander to the area de ay-andromeda now to learn a mysterious area and get great rewards.

Next you have a ship that can fly through any space, but you need to be stronger if you really have to fight, credits are quite important at this point when you can directly repair the ship, and buy ammunition , if you focus on fighting POIs and ships in space. Make sure you don’t get into a fight with no way out.

You can make money, a lot of money by trading goods between stations, you can spend days and hours looking for the right merchandise, like buying liquid from talon brewmaster and getting it all drunk habitat in the galaxy. (but if you want a shortcut, I can send you a detailed economic dashboard so you can instantly become a millionaire or billionaire if you work hard). or you can sell loot from hunts to cover energy and ammo costs, the kriel area is a very easy place to hunt, get there early, then you’ll find yourself swimming in the optronix matrix and upgrade kit when hunting overseer here.

At this stage you need to distinguish which turrets are good for breaking shields and which ones are good for hull. And distinguish which enemy ship is only strong for hull damage, which is only strong for shield damage to all in with them. (e.g. in the drone area, nullifier ships are very strong at breaking shields, but weak when breaking shells, you can hunt them even when your shield is at 0. But don’t do that with expert hull-breaking guardians.

Now you will see some resources or technologies that are not in the technology tree (F3). Search and build powerful ships and then get ready to go to more remote and ferocious areas, like legacy, wait and see what awaits you there.

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Nice write up.I would really like to take loot at that ‘‘detailed economic dashboard’’ because i’m having hard time finding good trade routes xd. Btw i’m new player also.

hmm, dm me :smiley: