Important announcement: Enforcing the Class limits!

The problem most people here have with your logic is that the difference between class 4 and class 5 is not in size, but rather building style and effect on performance. It is incredibly easy to have a class 6 ship that is cheaper than a well built class 3. Class also does not indicate combat performance.
For example, LoT has two primary classes of ships that we use, cerberus and roar. Cerberus designed by myself and Roar by @Lindenn. Each has more than 8 major versions and revisions, updating to reflect different ideas and combat mechanic changes. Currently the most recent version of each is the same basic size ship, and max turrets. Each has comparable survivability, the biggest difference is in function. They each are around 100k iron to build. But here is the kicker. Cerberus is class 3, and roar is just barely under class 4. I wont go into why, but it has nothing to do with either being a lumbering giant, or us wanting to dominate with preparation. It is building style differences. I have exactly 26 6 way cylinder connectors in Cerberus. It is actually larger in sheer block size and devices. Roar uses as many as is allowed for combat buffering, and as such has less issues with lag shots in our tests.

This is anectdotal evidence obviously, but dont go jumping to conclusions that the reason people want classes is so they can have an “unfair advantage”. It is just a little more leeway in building style when you get down to it. Cerberus regularly beats cv’s of class 5 or 6 in our tests.

When it comes to bases though, this all is irrelevant. You can have a class 1 or 2 base with max turrets and a buried core, that will last just as long as a headquarters of class 8. And you wont see these bases flying around in pvp, causing frame rate drops. Obviously you want limits of some sort to keep neighbor living a little more bearable. But dont try and tell me that it has anything to do with an unfair advantage there.

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I agree it all depends on how you build, my selfish biggest problem with a class 6 limit is that someone can go and make an extremely efficient monster costing 400k-500k iron with very low devices and huge blocks count, and to have to fight that thing would be a complete and utter nightmare (maybe becuase i’m poor atm but still xD).

Due that there is a weapon limit and is not tied to ship size, there is a point where making your ship bigger only gives you ‘more ship’s HP’, just more time receiving shots and nothing more.

That is right, I was talking only about ship to ship combat (where the fps drop is critical)

Dear RexXxus,

I am the founder and leader of the small part of FrogSwarm who came in HWS called [FST] ingame, nice to meet you. Since I perfectly understand the ask of class reduction, can you please provide the RRD graph of the Memory / CPU usage of the server ? Also can you give us the 2 servers technical spec for Empyrion ? (CPU / Memory / SDD / SATA / SAS) I’m a bit curious.

Best regards.


what exactly do you need the Graph for? Class limit has less to do with Server-Performance then with Client-Lags. Of course big fights or massive amounts of ships will also cause trouble on the server side, but thats not the real problem here.
If you need general specs for the Game, see here:

Actually my concern is about the server side. I plan to ‘advert’ the game and the HWS server to my community tonight in a meeting, meaning we could be hundred of players the next day and ~20% of it daily roaming / fighting etc. First I was hoping the server could handle it because the reduction message wasn’t clear enough to point the client side issue. Now you told me i’m ok. My second concern is the fact you pay ~300 USD for a single dual cpu server and comparing on what is available on the hosting market it could reach a 128Go total memory for very few players on it. 128Go ram needed for a game server of this size would be completely crazy and blow my mind :slight_smile:

Ah ok. I understand.
Are you considering EU or NA server?

Yeah it is really crazy… but I guess we all love the game too much that we invest more then usual. If such an amount of players will join, we might speed up the switch to the new server. Will talk with @RexXxuS about what we can do.

We are language community based in France so EU server. However wait to see if people are joining up before speeding any migration plan. Let’s see what happen :slight_smile:

Hey and welcome on HWS,

or look here in the guide:

Thanks for the answers. What the empyrion service cost in memory of the 128Go ?

The EU one? About 230 dollars per month. But ram isn’t that important. Dual CPU is

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By memory cost I was meaning memory usage. :slight_smile:

Depends - last week we had one of the biggest epic fight yet. Over 100 ships involved. That orbit alone took 40GB RAM… other than that it depends but 128GB won’t be reached anytime soon.

This battle was in the NA or UE, and do you have a video of it?

guess who was with a class 10 with 48 triangle muahahahaha


Remember in exact 14 hours we activate the Class enforcement!

Yesterday I still saw Class 10 ships but people were online - so they should know…

And its the last chance for you to let us know if there is an incorrect class calculation…

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