Important announcement: Enforcing the Class limits!

Hey @everyone,

normally this shouldn’t be new to you because we always teasered that this is coming in the future but now is the future so just to let you know:

You have 5 days (till Wednesday evening UTC+1) for adjusting your structures to the given class restriction!

What that means is currently that:


Scary, right? This is currently flying / standing around on the servers because we couldn’t control the lights / triangles before. But now we can!

The max class we wanna see in that list is Class 4

Sadly this goes hand in hand in “restrict players creativity” but more importantly with “performance”!
So it is a fact that a Class 10 ship is just dead for a fight. No matter how good your PC is someone else will have problems and the server of course in calculating it in the process.

So for the sake of everyone performance and after all more creativity in trying to build something that fits the Class 4 we will take away / remove these ships if you don’t rebuild it within the next 5 days!

Your HWS Team


I guess i’ll just post this here, where it might be of some use:

Worth knowing about triangles:

  • A normal 6 sided box-block generates 12 triangles in a blueprint (It seems like both the outside and the inside is counted).
    Looking at the “corner” found in the top left corner of the block size selector, it only generates 4 triangles. So it has the same amount of HP, but 1/3 as many triangles as the box-block, which should make it perfect if you want to add “layers” to your ship for extra protection. It also has the extra advantage that you can walk around in that area afterwards. The full block size will count when something tries to destroy it, so missiles or projectiles can’t pass “thru” it.
    correction This is simply not true! If there’s a hole, missiles and projectiles will pass thru, my bad!
    Use a block that fully cover one side instead!

  • Devices like windows dont have triangles at all, i guess it’s enough that they they count towards devices. Same goes for light blocks.

  • The “Walkway and railing”-block has a double feature, where when places as a walkway it counts as a block and generates triangle, but when placed as a “glass railing” (not normal railing) if counts as a device, and presumably don’t generate triangles.

Worth knowing about blocks:

  • When using the right click meny to select the shape of a block, the lower half of the blocks have half the amount of hitpoints compared to the top half. They also have half the mass, which in theory should require less [engine] power to move around.
    the mass and hitpoint number can be seen when hovering over each block.

Worth knowing about devices:
Even tho most devices is only for decoration and has no function, the “Tech Equipment”-blocks cane be used as containers with 7 or 9 slots. This is useful when you only need a small about of storage, or dont have enough space to place a full size container since some of the deco-blocks are small. Just remember that they will still occupy a full sized block.

Blueprints and size class:

  • This is the formula used to calculate the size class:

SIZE CLASS = (DeviceFactor3 + LightsFactor2 + TriFactor) / 6
DeviceFactor = #Devices * 0.01
LightsFactor = #Lights * 0.05
TriFactor = #Tris * 0.0001

It’s pretty straight forward: multiply each value found in the blueprint with a value, add the new 3 values together and divide by 6 and round to the nearest digit.

  • Right now it’s not possible to see the triangles of a ship/base already spawned by looking in the control panel info screen. Just resave it as a blueprint and look at that.
  • If you can’t see the number of triangles in a blueprint, it probably means it’s been saved in an old version. Re-save it and the triangle count should turn up.

A ship with 500 devices, 500 lights and 500 triangles, will be calculated like this:

500 * 0,01 = 5
500 * 0,05 = 25
500 * 0,0001 = 0,05

Add the sums together
1 + 5 + 0,01 = 30,05

Divide by 6 and round to the nearest digit
30,05 / 6 = 5.08333333 -> 5

So the ship class size is 5

Even by having 25000 triangles instead of 500, the new sum would be 5,416666667 and the size class would still be 5

To put it a different way this is how much impact devices, lights and triangles each have on the size class:

  • Each Device make up 0,0016 parts (not percent) of the final size class figure
  • Each Light 0,00833 parts (not percent) of the final size class figure
  • Each Triangle 0,000016 parts (not percent) of the final size class figure

So by looking at the blueprint, it should be possible to determine what the easiest way would be to reduce size class.
Hunting first for lights is the fastest. After that it makes sense to try and reduce the number of devices and eventually you might have to start replacing blocks.


Questions Questions, So if my base is Class 5 i have to reduce it to Class 4, Or stuff up to class 7 is fine ?

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@RexXxuS can you make this extreme clear. The example you sure above is things that are class 7 and above. its clear these will be deleted. What about anything from class 5 to class 7 will you be deleting these as well?

Or being fair and seeing how it goes still only spawn class 4 but no bigger than say class 6? If its still an issue then class 5 etc?

Please clarify in big letters lol

Questions? You look in the guide what is currently supported and this is your needed limit. Even after you spawned it.

Thanks Ixx. This is correct. You also can check this little tool out:

(Will be improved next days to show you how much left for Class X or needed for Class Y)

Because my monitor isn’t that tall :wink: Obviously till Class 4, not more.

Edit: updated the big letters

Class 4 Class 4 Class 4 Class 4



Some buged overclass ships gonna die :slight_smile: I like this.

I am assuming this will apply to bases as well? Because it would be great if it didnt. Since we dont have bases flying around, and we no longer can rely on small vessel storage to not despawn while we are using it, we have had to transition to base storage. This has upped the size class of the base.

Yeah we know it will hurt some minecrafters but it depends. If Jascha are able to do the whole ticket than we can control it per playfield and per individual structures… even SV and HV are in the boat too then. This just means that we can do a lot more detailed setup in HWS 6.0. With a kind of “King of the Hill” character (1 monster BA per planet per faction e.g.)

If not then just everything above Class 10 will be cleaned. I mean we have even a class 10 SV on the server… :popcorn:

So for now take it for everything into consideration. Even BA class 4

congrats! this is long overdue :grinning:

Expect more structures overall i think.

A quick fix to reduce the size class of a base, is to completely remove the farm and spawn a new base next to the old one with only a farm. That will also make it easier to take into account that full grown plants counts as a device.

Not a big problem for the server(s) i hope, since this will only (at the most) be one per faction.
Farming is an important part of surviving and with the ability to grow fiber, our farms has grown quite a lot.

I just think this is over kill. Now i am not saying we cannot build great things with class 4 limit but i just feel its far too low. If the Devs wanted to limit it this small in the first place why do we have so many class’s.

Example: If I was a new player and had not invested so much money and time on this server I would go find another server. Class 5 I still think is low but I would be far more happy with this than poxy class 4. I have had bigger poo’s than that.

This is my opinion not the opinion of my Faction.

Class 4 is huge, if you have a small class 5 ship then your doing it wrong :stuck_out_tongue: optimize, and build more efficiently. The reason other servers don’t have the class 4 limit is because other servers have 8 people not 140… there is a huge difference when you have to cater for smoothness for all those people. and please tell me why in the world would you need a 900k iron ship or more?

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I dont have a small class 5 I have a large class 5 lol. I can make it class 4 but its a couple of hours work to do that and still make it how i want. Personally I feel the server has been working fine I have no complaints of lag etc.

Ha Ha PKA now you have a lot of work. So go and disassemble your “norules” monsters )))) And don’t cry

P.S. RexXxuS :+1:

Class 4 was already the rule. To get beyond it you had to build it to that point. Now the tool is being reactivated. I just hope at some point in the near future we go to class 4 cv, and higher for base.


Being fair, the the rules clearly stated (and clearly announced) no bigger than 4 – being quite unfair, You folks that are knowingly stuffing them up after the spawn are knowlingly breaking the rules (and now complaining that you cant break the rules anymore)… there wasn’t any ambiguity about the rule – only that RexXxuS couldnt keep the players honest, and so you exploited the fact that you can continue to build after the BP Spawn… harming the work theyre doing to try to improve performance for all of us.

It was Class 3 prior to this change to class 4 – Some people just have jno respect for the rules or care for the rest of the community… (“Worked fine for me, who care if everyone else crashes”) I think you’re lucky you get 5 days to save your blatant disregard for the admin’s rules, IMHO.

Good on ya! This is gonna be fun to watch the scattering.


Wouldn’t be too upset if it was imidiate instead of 5 days :smiley: would be a punishment for those breaking the rules lolz.

Exactly. It would be just desserts for those who blatantly teach others over global how to exploit the rules. :wink: and fun For us. Lol[quote=“Kogami, post:19, topic:4564, full:true”]
Wouldn’t be too upset if it was imidiate instead of 5 days :smiley: would be a punishment for those breaking the rules lolz.

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+1 on this, I had no idea there were ships out there that were that big! Glad to see a more even playing field being enforced. I don’t think anyone escapes the lag locks during the larger battles, so hopefully this helps at least some what.

Wow so many cry babies on here. Crying over my class 5 did you see the list above so many more ships way above . I already know where I will make these reductions . I expect might only take me 30 mins. So I be back in game later.