Important announcement: EU Server switch! Bugs! Current status

Hey @everyone,

the time has come - we rented the new “beast”, “monster” whatever you want to call it server for EU!
So don’t waste time and switch to this new home.
However as couple of times in the HWS history you know that ready to spawn blueprints do NOT transfer to a new server!!! This is local file driven and can’t be backup’ed in any way!

Spawn your ready to spawn blueprints NOW - before tomorrow early (9AM) where we will switch to the new EU server

Spread the word guys so we don’t need to dry too many tears!

Let me use this post to also announce couple of other things:

There is a trick to work with the chatbot commands and the switch of faction chat and global chat.
For example

Type eb:info in faction chat and then press fast double enter

This will help you also with the recent chat regression where you sometimes don’t see the chatbot output.

There are currently some Bugs walking around, killing your gameplay fun

Auto Miner or other placeables disappear on xterrain (indestructible terrain)

Devs are working on a fix for that but we need your help. PLEASE send us a video of how you see the Auto Miner disappear or other reproducible steps

Blueprint factory bug

At the moment there is a serious bug about the blueprint factory. You get an error when you click on factory and if you open your console you see a lot of red text.
we NEED a Video of a reproduction case or text please!
This is one of the highest prio at the moment!

Other than that we are still working on finishing

  • HWS NPC Trader
  • The special connection back to Black Hole
  • More PDA missions / fixes
  • More Missions
  • updating the guide

And more stuff behind the scene. Too bad the day has only 24 hours guys…

Hope you can spread the word out about the bugs and the EU server switch!

Your HWS Team


Hey Rex, What about BP resources?

BP Resources are not affected.

Just the Blueprints since they are also saved on client seide

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@RexXxuS This is great news as I had no end off issues last night trying to use blackmarket and OCD. To the point I gave up and closed the game down. The only negative point I have on this is that we have to wait almost 20hrs before using the new server. So we will still have same OCD issues today. No point me playing then today as I need to use the OCD and markets and at peak times when I am playing they don’t work. Gutted.

@RandallFlagg It’s only 20 hours I’m sure we can survive that ;). Besides players need some time to spawn their stuff otherwise there will be a shitstorm if they just ‘delete’ all finished blueprints so I think this is the right approach.

I had that factory bug twice but didn’t report it and also did not save the recording because I assumed it was just another GUI bug (I have tons of GUI bugs including old ones from 5.x). And now I read it’s a high prio bug, damnit.

What name are you gonna give the new server? “Beast” sounds so meh.

its only 20hrs I understand why but its still 20hrs I wont be able to play. Guess I will just spend what little time I have in game designing my AMMO and ORE factory.

There is no reason to NOT play right now.
Especially since these two features are working at the moment.

Rex, how we can spawn now asap ready objects, if opening BP shows errors every time, and cant give us possibility to spawn what we have now ?

Screenshot of the list you have ready to spawn as a proof. Otherwise = doomed

They will be working right now as they wont be 177 people on. When I can play which is peak time 177 people on line I cannot use OCD. I know all this will go away on new server but it wont help me tonight when I get my limited time to play. Anyway I will stop moaning I am being petty.

Will we be comp’d for the lost autominers in these videos?

BLA BLA BLA WFT 3 hours for comply? I lost 12 ready ships (and 4 is very big).

UPD: Damn devs - they kills BP. And i like a dump clear the cache ))) lol.

It’s an alpha, and they just sprung for new hardware to make your life better. Calm your tits. And maybe dont keep 12 ships in your factory. Considering how easily Empyrion loses these files anyways.

I’ll replace the AM’s lost in the videos, yes – That doesnt mean you can send me your twitch channel and have me replace all AM’s you’ve place in tyhe past … XD

As far as autominers disappearing, until a fix is in place the way I have been doing is is pressing page up once when placing the autominer. I haven’t lost a single autominer since I’ve started doing that.

Yes i agree, Exept one - You see the tits in the mirror at the morning.

… I think maybe you dont get expressions? I wasnt insulting your weight. I was saying to calm down please, but attempting to say it in a humorous manner.

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Yeah, they tell me calm down
Fuck that I’m too lit can’t calm down

@everyone the blueprint bug is fixed for the next release. However we don’t know if it is backwards compatible and you get your stuff back.

I guess you expect now from us that we do this … but don’t take this for granted. Maybe we do that partially here and there but it counts as a bad Alpha game thing and once again you will hug your OCD maybe even more now.

Just a bad day :expressionless:

the Kratos playfield bug is hopefully fixed too soon - Devs found something.

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RexXxus - since rc2, i and some others have experienced game freeze/crash in sp creative. Generally associated with multiple hvs. We have sent bug reports to eleon previous.

A couple days ago, after spawning three hovers, freeze/crash happened on server.

Last night, SNY and I were rechecking to see if bug went away with update, it still occured. We ended up freeze/crashing on server several dozen times. Sometime after that, the playfield disconnect errors began. May be related. About 1pm server time today, i was in game around the hovers - even moving them and no crashes. Sometime after, others started seeing playfield error

Hovers are on kratos - look for those named JustNuts.