Important Announcement

Good Morning HWS Community @everyone
some notes for you during I patch to the latest version:

# Patch: 2021-09-06 v1.5.7 (B3454)

- Updated unity to 2021.1.17f1
- Optimized some queries for the ranking information in the player overview screen. With this change, the "travelled AU/LY" will get reset.
- Optimized query for requesting player name in chat window

- MP: Potential fix for missing chunks in ships when changing playfields
  1. The 4+ year old bug about missing chunks on CVs is finally fixed ( :fingers_crossed: )! We helped the Developer with special log outputs so he found out that a chunk was saving your ship data, even though you already warped to the new playfield and expected the ship data before that save. Basically requesting now a corrupt version of that chunk => parts of your ship disappeared.
    Thanks to all who created tickets about that issue, which caused the needed pressure to get it fixed :grimacing:

  2. As you can see in the patch changelog further database optimizations were also done. The reason I’ll activate the B-ranking boxes on HWS RE again.

  3. I restructured our HWS Discord server. New members have to accept our #rules now to see all channels. No Origin picks needed anymore.

  4. There is one remaining hardcore bug about docked ships getting lost from time to time. We try to help the Developer for that as well with extra log outputs. All those special logs might slightly cause some increased latency.

  5. Overall the reduced stress helps me to work for HWS+. There are still a lot of things to do for it but just as a headsup that we are making good progress. Again, we rather want to make it as good as possible on start, than a “work in progress” state as the previous seasons.