Important Pre Patch 1.4 Information ⚠

Good Morning HWS Community
the EXP of Patch 1.4 is around for quite a while now and you can expect a release anytime soon. With that I must strongly highlight few things again:

  • the IDs got increased from 2048 to 4096. You can expect new weapons, items, resources, etc. this year because of that but technically it is a nightmare. That means: the HWS Connect Marketplace will be offline until we converted the IDs. OCD, EGS Recycle, etc. should be converted on release of 1.4 but please use with caution the first time! Try it with some small yolo stack items first / little ship to recycle. It is HIGHLY risky and a fundamental change.

  • expect a downtime of HWS or better to say a legacy uptime. That means do NOT update Empyrion to patch 1.4 if you want to play on HWS until we are finished. Otherwise you can’t connect to HWS anymore!

  • once we start the update etc. we also have to do Windows Updates and clean ups. So try to grab some drinks and food for the downtime already.

  • a lot of new things got added and changed. While the savegame should be compatible and we do not full wipe, it does mean that those things may or may not be in HWS 14 but will come in HWS 15!
    Some drastic changes like the Blast Damage rework needs active feedback though. I will observe your feedback once its live before changing anything. Overall you can expect big holes in your ships quite fast then. Maybe it’s good, maybe not.

Check the changelogs out here so far and thanks for your patience:

Your HWS Team


Good morning @everyone
Patch 1.4 got released. As said above, do not update if you want to still play on HWS. we will do some maintenance in the background first.

EDIT: to be specific: Jascha is gone till 1PM… so you have a lot of time to prepare…

How do I launch the game without updating?

Go into your empyrion directory, and launch empyrion.exe

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I think I might have stopped the update in time. Perhaps RexXxuS has enough pull to get the powers that be to put 1.3 up on the betas list so people can roll back to a version that will work.

thank you Dr.Dark

No need for that since we are updating right now. But it will still take a bit (~1-2 hours), sorry.

so you are not delaying the update to 1.4 it is happening today / now? The message above implied it would be a day or so.

“expect a downtime of HWS or better to say a legacy uptime. That means do NOT update Empyrion to patch 1.4 if you want to play on HWS until we are finished. Otherwise you can’t connect to HWS anymore!”

and that this would give me time to clear my factory


no we just meant it might take a few hours before we could start, since I was in a meeting.
We are updating right now. EU is finished (not started yet) and NA will finish maybe in the next 30 min. Then we can start the server with 1.4

Will we really loose our completed factory ship? I’ve worked hours for this one :stuck_out_tongue: Keep your good work guys!

Patch 1.4 got applied to HWS. Sorry for the delay. @everyone
Please report issues to us in the forum. Thanks and have fun!

turns out this time we did not loos already built items in the factory

Hello! Thank you for the up date on the update! I figured with the market, these new items would create a lot of work to integrate 1.4 with HWS market/connect, ect… I wish I could help! That brings me to my question, Will there be a time line to follow to allow us an idea of What? when? we will see the 1.4 content, on HWS. The research. Content are indeed super cool… Very excited to see this content on HWS. A Timeline would be great… Thank you for the continued great work!


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Hello @Trisant

Can you please describe this again?
I don’t know exactly what timeline you mean for what exactly?