IMPORTANT: SERVER DOWN Due to bad Game update

IMPORTANT: SERVER DOWN Due to bad Game update

Dear friends,

sadly we have to shut the servers down, since the update from an hour ago has the same problems as last thursday. That causes a lot of trouble for you and for us to fix.

People see themselve in game as duplicates… yes even more often. but the worsed is: Your ID changes and you cant access anything that is private as well as Autominers etc.
We can fix that, but we cant stop it happending again and again. and it happens every minute at least.

Therefore we decided with a sad heart to close the server until its fixed.

We might keep the EU up for testing now and then (but it will not be saved). Things will be reverted to the backup right before the update (09.01.17 09:40 with update (5.0.4)!
If you find NEW strange bugs, please post them here in this topic with as much info or Video-Prove as possible.

We will keep you informed over this post.
We hope it will be fixed in the next hours!

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Will it roll back to when the server last went down before the update?

Yes we made backup right before the update… or WITH the update. So since Update nothing is lost.

Ok right before the update and servers came up my cv was at home and safe. Some time before the servers came down because of the bug my cv was above HV weapon platforms clearing them out. Haha two scenarios with wildly different outcomes when the server comes back up.

Strange. What the devs made in that update so it so unstable. And some days of testing not help them.

At least I’m glad that you took the servers down and initiate a rollback instead of just continuing all buggy. It’s disappointing though that the devs failed patch 5.0.4 for the 2nd time.

I tested 5.0.4 for a few hours on their experimental test server but things worked there (for as far as tested). And because (again) it’s not creative and they offer no tools to spawn larger ships, get lvl20, get and to get various resources for faster testing a lot of stuff was not tested.


Personally I met last couple days next bad things:

  1. very often when sorting items, or loading ore/ingots to constructor, blank empty cells in my inventory, however these empty cells contain some items, need to relog every time to see
  2. lost of connection for 20-60 seconds or may be more, when you cant use P, or opening boxes/constructor, need to relog again and again.

We might start a Test-Server for Eleon soon with our tool. We will then maybe do some commands to have a fast start and get free ressources , and bp spawns, without the need for “creative” which might not allow a real test-case either for mp.

Thanks a lot for helping and playing there though!


Quick Status: Devs have a lead to a possible cause of the problem and are investigating.

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Had this in 5.0.3 as well. Was (for me) caused by the OCD:get command for me because I was putting items from inventory → cargo box while OCD was still dumping items in my inventory. This created weird permanent gaps until relog.

We can play on EU server ?! I mean for now it is test server or not?

it is still showing the message that it’s testing, though I played for a bit but I didn’t notice any weird bugs myself. Besides the one that iron and some other rss are not spawning at starter planets like last week.

Same. Made a video and reported it to devs after my little fresh bug post last week.

[quote=“Jascha, post:1, topic:3575”]
We might keep the EU up for testing now and then (but it will not be saved). Things will be reverted to the backup right before the update (09.01.17 09:40 with update (5.0.4)!
[/quote]What about the OCD, is that also not saved? I suppose both rollback at the same time, if any right?

right. Tool (OCD) and Game will be reverted.

Stellar job on locking it down before havoc sets in :clap:

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Yup. Outstanding job on dealing with someone else’s mess.

Very sorry guys… prime time starts but the Bug is not found yet :frowning:

EDIT: another very hot lead… :slight_smile: