In terrain turrets at ILL base

On Jupiter, ILL has in terrain base guns along the mountain and their western side. If you look closely at the pic the puff of snow where the shot came out of the ground. Also this base is a copy of the one behind it so there is a whole row of guns in the terrain

I took out most of that this morning using an artillery piece. Yes there are a few guns under the ground but not many left. Also they have hv’s floating 200 meters in the air, nit sure how. I used my arty to core those and ILL’s towers finished them off. They had a hammer looking ship as well, but after I cored that with arty, their guns finished that off. Oh and I used the arty on the ILL sign as well. Arty rocks :wink:

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Summary: Arty is the new exploit tool

It’s not an exploit, look up the uses…

I was joking about it :slight_smile: I know it’s a valid weapon haha

Lol, oh ok

Damn you OP4 we softened up for ya! I took the tower on the left out but when I went around the far rightside along the pole the underground turrets took out my HV. Yeah that CV was my next target, figured if we could core that , the base would go crazy, good to hear ya took out more !!!

Zip, I been chipping away at that thing for a wee!! Always get caught, and because I’m solo, I gotta peel off and wreck their fighters lol

Me and Raven have been dogfighting the hell out of 'em, huge fights 5 vs 2, waaay fun. I give ILL 2 thumbs up, we have been having some serious fun. However they do have in terrain guns and if we got in trouble for them they should too

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I’m not going to disagree. I think underwater guns were approved but not underground guns. Honestly what’s the difference? Both are bugged and should be illegal but that’s not my call sir. Next time you’re outnumbered, let me know, I’ll help. Being solo is getting old.

Hey Guys,

Glad you enjoyed the base, it took some time to set up but held itself well over 2 weeks. Unfortunately it has not but fully enjoyable for us. Base drainers has been a struggle, obviously we are not he only victims of this but it does take the fun out of the game when all you can do is watch. The second tactic has been factions spawning in CV’s with HV’s attached. Once the CV has been destroyed it falls to the ground glitching the HV through the world and making it pretty much a underground turret. While this tactic is more of a mechanical issue it still causes grief.

As for your concerns

The arty floating is a game bug seems to happen on fresh render (if no one is on planet and then comes on planet) and server restart. once you get close they will drop back down, nothing we can do about that. we were unaware of the bug it when we spawned in the HV’s as a defense…

As for the under ground turrets we actually were not aware of the turrets. anyone who has attacked our many bases previously knows we have have never used underground turrets in the past. Rexxxus did bring it to our attention 1 set was because we did not dig deep enough on the back end. It was not a Row of Guns but only 2 turrets (as shown in the picture below)

The 2nd was a anti-personal turret we didn’t even know about, a oversight from downloading a blue print and spawning it in.

Im sure those 2 Turrets are a huge problem. Not the 300-400 other turrets we have everywhere else. lol

Yea the base drainers do ruin it at times, one of the best things offline protection is good for, drainer defense. That’s why I and my old faction base in deep orbit, which sucks because you limit pvp when doing that. Your underground turrets were not that big a deal for me, most factions have those…and the floating hv’s wasn’t a big deal either…it just puzzled me as to how you did it. I hope you guys stick around. We see too many vets bail weekly…good luck sir.

If you want to return the favor and put your big boy pants come join us on Eres federation.


all underground turrets were removed by me.
We know that there are really big problems with the overall no-clipping render issues Empyrion has. There are even 2 additional, even worst techniques which would kill all of your bases. Not much we can do about it.

But at least the HV problem is gone in 4.0 and I am sure the other one will be addressed soon too :slight_smile:

Return the favor?

That ws pointed to ILL but you can join also. Eres federation is our HQ

Roger that