Incoming volume changes

Hi. I’m not sure if this topic was discussed before (I believe that not) but I have one small question regarding incoming change with volume in storage. I’m going to fix my old blueprints for the base and I don’t want to do that again after volume change patch. Is this server going to use this volume change or it will be turned off? At the moment I see that all of my storages won’t be able to store that much resources as they currently do… so if this server is going to use volume change then I have to create lots of storage controllers with lots of additional boxes for every single resource :confused:

Sooner or later they will be activated. Just keep watching announcements at discord/forum. You will know in good time :blush:

Ok thank you. So I need to prepare a blueprint with additional storages then :frowning:

I started working on new bp for my PVE base and I’m surprised how much bigger it will have to be. Currently I’m able to store 255744 sathium (64 stacks) which is volume 272000 in 1x1 cargo box. After volume patch I will need 1 controller and 33 container extensions which is 34 more space. For zascosium it won’t be even possible to store all 64 stacks in single box because it’s volume 383616 and there is a limit of 320000.

Generally I like this idea because I like every idea that brings us closer to reality… Anyway it really is problematic and I just want to be sure if server is really going to not disable volume because I know that devs will give that option.

I don’t know how everything will work in the future but I can only say:
with our HWS Config I can change any Volume stuff as I want.
If your Container box should have 10000000 volume or only 10. It’s up to me, up to the community.

I do like the idea of different ship types. That a fighter can’t transport a whole Drone Base in one container.
But in a good way. And that way will be found, I’m sure.

You can work with the values you see currently and share your experience along the way.
In the end these values might change though.

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Thank you. I will :slight_smile:

I’m close to finishing my project. I wanted it to be similiar to my previous project on which I had:

  • adv constructor for each resource (2 for iron)
  • adv constructor for almost every ammo type (all flak, all plasma, 15mm, 30mm, 160+165mm rockets, 150+155 rockets and so on)
  • adv constructor for additional items such as fuel, water items
  • adv constructor for all things/quick craft
  • 2 furnaces for gold ore smelt

Main change was to add storage for each constructor/furnace because constructors can no longer store anything.
Second change was to add storage controllers and extensions so that each storage can store all full stacks of the item that it represents (64 slots x 999)
What I noticed:

  • Some items/resources has so high volume value that it’s impossible to store 64 full slots with that item. Someone could say that there is no need for that for example to store 64 stakcs of zasco/eres or rockets but what if there will be someone that will want to do that? Then for now 1 controller and 39 extensions will not be enough and he will have to separate it. Previously one adv constructor 2x2x2 was enough to store 64 stacks. Now you need adv constructor and 40x 1x1x1 additional storages to not even store everything of single type.
    Iron ore (64x 999) requires storage with volume 136k which is 1 controller and 16 extensions. That means additional 17 blocks.
    Some resources have volume higher by 50%, 100%, 200% and even 300%.
  • each controller and extension requires energy and consumes fuel, my new base is consuming now 12x more fuel while being IDLE than before. It’s requires 850 fusion cells for 30 hours.

I wonder how it will work for ammo storages on SV/CV/BA and how it will affect HV miners (currently my small HV miner (Size 9x5) can store 128 stacks of gold ore which will barely fit in 50x bigger space on BA after incoming volume changes.

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