Incorrect transfer of the RP from the NA server to the EU server

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What happened: July 3, 2018 8:50 I was credited with Faction_Bonus (10RP) simultaneously on NA and EU servers. And on the NA server now I have 10 RP more. At that time I was on the EU server. I do not fully understand this situation. I think that there was an incorrect transfer of the RP from the NA server to the EU server after Cross Server Warp: EU->NA->EU.
Player(s) with issue: LAnd
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): near 3 July 2018 8:10
Playfield: Cross Server Warp
Structure Name(s): -
Structure ID(s): -
How can we help you now: Please correct this error, and (or) explain the situation, or do nothing if it is not worth it :slight_smile:

RP doesn’t move between EU and NA, like your OCD it’s specific to each server. You get RP on one server, it stays there period.

What will be transfered?
Your player inventory
Your ship(s) including cargo, Fuel and O2.
Your Reputation Points
Your player credits (NOT your bank credits)
Your XP

I hope @Jascha can back to you asap. Otherwise I will check too

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RP is transferred by CSW.
Since I can’t check your situation anymore (logs are gone already) I gave you the 10 RP. Usually there is no problem with RP transfer.

you just have to keep in mind that if you play on EU and the NA RP is increased, that as soon as you warp to NA that RP is overwritten by EU.