Increase Eton planet controle time

I am offer up TIME of control Eton to 48 hours.

If the time of the event also changed each time by 8 hours Iā€™d support this. Example, 1800, 0200, 1000, repeat.

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7day better, weekend big fight. and no wipe autominers on planet!

People work usually 5-6 days.
Many simply do not have time to come to the event from work, even in Russia, even in Europe.
Every day, fighting is also expensive in resources and intense, getting such a weak bonus for it.

On the server now, almost no one is fighting for Ethon.
And if there is a war, then as usual it will be 2 forces.

I propose a battle for Eton to be done every 7 days on the weekend, to increase the reward, Wipe on the planet to do 1 time in 7 days (so that miners do not disappear).
And fill the gap with other PVP events.

Keep it as is. So factions can make solid plans to form up and coordinate their attacks.