Indestructible planets and mining

Being a person who likes to mine, the indestructible planets pose a problem to the meteorites. They become stuck underground and cannot be destroyed with weapons as to have them spawn again. I pose this as a point to you to keep in mind as something to try and fix for the next version of the universe. I fully understand the the need to make planets indestructible, I even agree with this, but the problem of meteorites remain.

As a possible solution, can the size of the meteorites remain static, and simply pop upon depletion? or perhaps a script that deletes a meteorite after a set time of inactivity once its contents drops below a set amount? Having limited coding experience, an example would be.

Meteorite x = value of 100 ore
If value of Meteorite x == > 10 then delete


Agreed and i’m guessing if they get stuck less meteors spawn. 1++

Have seen and thought the same. Suspect the meteorites will stop coming until the next, twice daily server restart.

Verified Solution:

DO NOT drill the meteor down to the last little nugget… thats the part that gets stuck… Get it down to a small size but visible… STOP Drilling… back up with your HV… minigun that last litte bit… never stuck under ground again :slight_smile:

That 10-20 left of ore is just not worth the risk of it going under the terrain and then stops further meteors from spawning…

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Sadly we can’t influence this behavior externally. It is a gameplay problem introduced with indestructible terrain.
However I wrote a ticket for the Devs to fix this.
But as Pumpula said, there are some workarounds…

AOD already is doing this, but others don’t. :frowning:

I am surprised that the same script that deletes ships after a week of inactivity, cannot be used on the meteorites? I suppose this has something to do with not being able to track the meteorites like you can cores?